Chrysanthemums: A Poem by Ashima Syal

She held herself too close 
to even let free breeze brush by her soul. She wandered 
between all that was left unsaid, 
she seeked hearing 
as much as she craved being heard. 
She never feared the spice of life 
but she feared it's ways 
to unfold in the wake of time.

She loved 
capturing the essence of nature, 
so she chose 
to hide behind 
those yellow chrysanthemums. 
Taking one breath at a time, 
she stared at the close closure of its petals. No wonder! 
She felt, 
they mirrored her soul, 
her soul which outgrew love 
only to cope with 
a countless journey of hope.

by Ashima Syal 

Ashima Syal, a Poet by Profession. Ashima authored her first book of Poems titled Canopy in 2019. Ashima has been a poetry enthusiast since childhood. Ashima conducts Creative Writing and Public Speaking Workshops for college students. She believes that "" art is only worthwhile"" when shared. She also performs her poetry at several Open Mic Poetry events at Mumbai. Her interview on "" the journey of Poetry as a Career"" has been featured in Global Times. Her Poetry on the "" Himalayan Abode"" was featured in the Kumaon Literary Festival 2020. She won the Rabindranath Tagore Literary Award by DRDC for her contribution in Poetry. She has co - authored 12 Anthologies, Snowdust, Voices of Immortal Souls, Starlight to name a few. Her second book of Poems titled the Fragrant Fable is a must read for every perfumery artist.


  1. Pleasure going through Ashima Syal's collection....a poet of acclaim.


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