HAND IN HAND: A Poem by Dr Shweta Jaiswal

I have been walking alone for so long.
Sometimes in a forest, sometimes on a street.
I only have the company
Of the sound of my feet.
Alone and lonely
Yet unable to do anything
I rest it in destiny's hands
And go about my walks.
With no hope in my heart.
My walk is like that of a gone man
I stumble suddenly and you extend a hand
I grab it knowing not
That you are what I was wandering for
You light up my world
In a way I couldn't even dream of
And suddenly I smile again
Forgotten how that felt even
And now we walk
Hand in hand
And it's as if
I was never alone
I always had your hand in mine.

I am #warriorforlife

by Dr Shweta Jaiswal

Dr Shweta Jaiswal is a senior Healthcare Professional with over 18 years of experience as an Anaesthetist & Intensivist. She has worked across India in various tertiary care hospitals. Her field of expertise are Cardiac & Neuro Anaesthesia and Cardiac Critical Care & Transplant Critical Care. She has been instrumental in establishing E-ICU in two hospitals in Chhattisgarh. And has also worked with NABH & JCI Committees in several corporate hospitals. She did her MBA in Healthcare from ISB and is currently involved in Research in the field of Healthcare at ISB.