Speak Up By Jovianne Clare Braganza

Speak Up

As the curtains unfold 

People await with bated breath

For the stories to be told

Their looks - like arrows of death.

Spotlight shining on me

Eyes stare, glowing bright 

A flight of anxiety

Like a symphony of fright

I don't remember what to say

To dance, laugh, sing or play

Or exactly what I want to portray 

Even though I practiced all day.

My heart beats uneasily

Like a moving train

My palms are sweaty 

Like the pouring rain.

But as the audience watches, carefully 

The fear starts to ride

And the stage, once an enemy 

Becomes a helpful guide.

As within the fear

Lies a hidden light,

Ready to shine, 

To brave the stage's might."

By Jovianne Clare Braganza

Jovianne Clare Braganza is a bubbly girl of 13 years who has begun her journey in English writing. She is a Std. VIII student in St. Joseph's School in Abu Dhabi. She loves the little pleasures of life like reading, playing, playing chess etc. Jovianne sees the beauty of things around her and tries to pen her thoughts through little poems.