Drinks of Choice get a paradigm shift by Asma Ferdoes


Beverages have been human’s most sort after retreat since ever. From ancient civilisations to present day beverages have held a prominent and distinct role in our social lives and there have been many records and depictions of the prevalent choice of drinks from early historical records and artistic captures, which goes on to say that its not just that beverages are the fad, there has always been a certain trend and preference regarding it in every civilisation and Age.

Basically any type of consumable liquid other than water is classified as a beverage. It can be anything as simple and naturally obtained like milk and tender coconut, to the most complex and creative mixtures of juices, alcohols and herbs, etc. Tea is infact considered the second most widely accepted beverage around the world, with the most variety in choices and scope for innovation.

The trends in beverages has however undergone drastic changes over the last decades with the young generation preferring stronger flavours and getting more health conscious.

The recent trends in beverages can be understood with a few prom inent highlights.

  • Health conscious: people these days are more health conscious and more aware of the nutritive content and benefit of various ingredients than they were even in the early 2000s. all thanks to the boom in internet access and social media interaction. As such, many prefer healthy and nutritive concoctions than just empty calories and taste.

  • Compromise in taste: Many people are turning towards even bitter or compromised taste mainly owing to two factors- either it is good for health or it helps cope with our life stresses.

  • Stronger flavours: people of yesteryears preferred more subtle and basic flavours which were more known and adopted by mankind for centuries. But recent changes show a very distinct shift towards new and unexplored territories and hard hitting taste in every form of beverages from everyday tea to party cocktails and mocktails, even commercially sold soft drinks.

  •  Less to share: the beverage size and portions too have become more individualised and single portion sizes instead of the formerly trending family packs and unified drinks. 

  • Alcohol! Yes: the youth today are inclining more towards alcohol mixtures, and drinks than even the last decade mainly owing to more independent lifestyles and culture influences.

  • no to alcohol too: where one group is tending towards booze and intoxication, another is turning away from it to more herbal and natural based drinks.

  • Herbs and spices: there is a boom in people preferring herbs and spices to be infused in their every choice of drink from tea to cocktails.

Suffice it to say, the modern trend is getting more experimental and interesting by the day. Just look at some of the most common choices of beverages trending now to understand the variety we humans are beginning to explore. 

Energy Drinks

Energy drinks are a type of soft drink that contain caffeine and other energy-boosting substances like guarana, taurine, or ginseng.


As I said earlier, tea is the most preferred beverage and has an endless scope for exploration and innovation. Some of the latest trending tea are 

Turmeric Citrus Spice Herbal Tea Tisane

Lemon mojito green tea

Tulsi ginger tea

White tea

Chamomile tea

Trending coffee

Coffee too has gone tremendous change in preference in recent years with such new flavours available today that many may not even have thought about a decade ago like Sustainable coffee, koji fermented coffee, buttered coffee, etc.

Trending alcoholic drinks 

According to, there are some classic cocktails that have stood the test of time and remain amongst the most popular cocktails ordered in bars around the world today viz a viz,

  • Margarita

  • Daiquiri

  • Mimosa

  • Old fashioned

  • Cosmopolitan

  • Negroni

  • Gimlet

  • Manhattan, and so on.

Trending in mocktails

Mocktails are generally a mix of two or more juices served fashionably and without alcoholic addition to it. They are very tasty, vibrant and hold a scope for large variety. The trending mocktails as of now are, 

  • Virgin Grapefruit Mojito

  • Mango mock-a-lada

  • Spicy Raspberry Lemon Cooler

  •  Cantaloupe Ginger Spritzer

  • Pom-berry Bellini

  • Mexican Chocolate Mock-tini


At the end of the day, it simmers down to each its own, no matter what is your choice of beverage there is always one made specially for you, and the trend of today is one to keep improvising itself everyday.