CONNECTED: A Poem by Rachael Savina Goveas in "You are my Pal" Series Part 1

Who's family and who are friends?

On numerous matters that depends. 

Just one reply - when in need,

Realize the value, then qualms freed.

You're present, still you're not 

Soon relations start to rot!

So show you care - once a while, 

Share that love, bring a smile. 

- Need not be connected by blood,

More a matter of heart than of head.

Whom can I count on -

Despite sporadic storms

And blustery winds in between?

You're that fist that protects 

That hand that holds firm

That palm that calms down

And that arm that embraces 

When I'm most in need.

- You're that back - up friend 

Who all my problems do amend. 

How you pester me my pal!

Lose my patience, my rationale. 

An erupting volcano I become 

To bickering blackness, thoughts succumb. 

In moments of aggrandizing pain,

You're the circulatory system - blood in veins.

A quirky gift from the One most high

Nourish clipped wings - help me to the sky.

The world seems so much better with you

I've searched all around, but found few.

Let me take this moment to thank you 

To my empty canvas, a splash of hue...

By Rachael Savina Goveas

Rachael Savina Goveas is an Assistant Professor of English from Kannur, Kerala. She has been teaching since 2010 and enjoys her profession. Life is her greatest teacher. She likes to pen her thoughts in the form of poems and quotes. Her poems have been published in the anthologies The Rising Cavalry (Spectrum of Thoughts, 2021), Letters to Life (Humrooh Publication House, 2022), The Equations of Life (Writers' Kalam, 2023) and The Holistic Pine (2023). Her thoughts are posted on YourQuotes under the name Ray Goveas.