Courses: Weird and Vocational

Vocational courses are training-based programmes designed to get students ready for a specific profession, skill, or trade. Vocational courses, which emphasize on practical skills and on-the-job training, offer better and speedier job chances than more traditional studies like BE/BTech/MBBS.

There are a huge variety of vocational courses available. Telecommunication, photography, foreign languages, information technology (IT), beautician, and hotel management are among the most popular vocational courses on the list.

In India, a prominent vocational degree programme is the BVoc (Bachelor of Vocational Studies). AICTE just published a list of colleges and universities that can grant BVoc degrees. The Top Vocational Institutes include Loyola Institute of Technology & Sciences (BVoc Graphics & Multimedia), Meerabai Institute of Technology (BVoc Interior Design), and Jamia Hamdard (BVoc Food Processing). The requirements for entrance and eligibility for vocational courses are relatively flexible.

The 21st century offers a wide range of unique sectors, opportunities, and unique courses. It can be very tough to decide whether to take regular courses that might lead to a comfortable employment or whether to forge your own path. Choosing a major can be difficult, especially with so many conventional and unusual majors available at schools and institutions.

The National Centre for Education Statistics reports that business, health professions, and related disciplines made up the majority of the 3 million degrees awarded in the United States in 2018–19. The most sought-after majors in 2022 include those in engineering, business, and nursing.

There are numerous interesting majors to consider if the most well-liked college majors don't interest you or if you're unsure, such as amusement park engineering, comic art, and bicycle design and fabrication. These enjoyable majors may lead to interesting careers.


The list below includes some weird but interesting vocational courses, along with information about what students in the field study, and information about the careers that students pursue after the course.

Bachelor of Rural Studies:

There are both rural and urban aspects that are complicated and difficult-to-understand Indian society. Exploring the rural side of this country is crucial to comprehending its many aspects, and this course is a great place to start.

This course is for those who have a passion for Indian villages and want to do more than just visit and take pictures as a tourist. They can get the chance to participate in a variety of community and rural development activities across the course. It covers subjects including child development, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, environment management, community development, etc.

Students can apply for jobs at various government, public, and private groups that address rural challenges after finishing the course. Additionally, they may have the chance to work with several NGOs. Due to the importance of this subject for Indians, numerous colleges in Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh also offer related courses.

Spa Management:

Every single individual has dealt with stress at some point or another, and if it persists, it can cause a number of major health issues. Spas are a haven for stress relief and physical and mental relaxation, and it is a skill that may be mastered to make someone else feel that way. You can learn everything you need to know from a spa management training programme, including how to give effective massages and assist potential owners and developers in understanding the industry.

Spa management course will teach you how to manage a spa or perform spa treatments. After finishing this course, you can work as a spa manager. The most popular spa management courses in India are:

· Diploma in Holistic Spa Therapy by ISPAA.

· Diploma in Spa Management by Isthaa.

Food and Wine Tasting:

Cake taster, ice cream taster, wine taster, candy taster and other kinds of tasting jobs seem to be just ideal for the gastronomes. These are another of the Quality Checking and Analysis jobs. There is an official word for wine tasters in the industry: sommeliers, and several hospitality colleges and institutes offer wine tasting classes.

These food and wine experts work for lifestyle magazines in addition to the food sector and travel to the farthest reaches of the globe to sample the wines and their specialty foods before reporting on them to others.

Although it may seem strange, there is actually a course on wine tasting. If you like expensive wines, you might want to take a wine tasting course where you can learn about different wine styles, their flavors, aromas, and flaws as well as which wines go best with particular dishes. In India, the most popular wine tasting classes are:

· Hotel & Catering Management Institute's basic wine tasting course (HCMI).

· Wine Tasting Course from Wines & Spirits Academy.

· WSET Level-1 Course in Wine by Sonal Holland Wine Academy.


Puppetry is one of the oldest forms of entertainment and a useful tool that has been employed repeatedly to teach children important lessons. To learn more about this age-old style of art, you may enroll in an interesting puppetry course. It will be fun to pursue a course in puppetry if you enjoy theater and many artistic mediums.

India's first formal training programme in puppetry has been launched by Mumbai University. After completing the 12th grade, students can enroll in the Mumbai University's four-month part-time programme, which preserves one of the many essential arts of Indian culture.

Dj and music production:

The unique options of DJ and music production are also available. You can turn your love of music into a successful career if you have good judgment. You can get knowledge of the tools used by DJs, tune structuring, bar matching, chop mixing, and set creation. The most well-liked music production and DJ programmes in India are:

· Course on Pioneer CDJ by Electronyk Academy by DJ NYK.

· Ableton Live 11 for Beginners by Lost Academy, Mumbai.

Baking Science and Technology Course:

One of the careers that violates gender norms the most is baking. You will learn about the science of baking in this course, as well as how to use technology to make your baking more efficient. You can also learn about the regulations governing food safety, how to make bread, and how to alter bakery goods to meet dietary needs. The Post Graduate Diploma in Bakery Science and Technology offered by the Institute of Good Manufacturing practises India is the programme with the highest enrolment in India for baking science and technology.

Equine Psychology:

Equine psychology is another interesting course that you could find intriguing if you enjoy animals. In this course, you will learn about the psychology and behaviour of horses in this course. Oxford University, The Open College of Equine Studies, California State University, Cornell University, Kansas State University, and the University of Florida are a few universities throughout the globe that provide a master's degree in this unusual programme.

Peace and Conflict Studies:

You can enroll in a peace and conflict studies course if you have a strong interest in political science or international relations. Following completion of this course, you could work as a journalist or human rights activist. The most well-known Indian universities where you can enroll in this degree are listed below:

· Institute Of Peace & Conflict Studies (IPCS)

· Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS)

· Jamia Hamdard University

· University of Mysore

· Jamia Millia Islamia University

· Sikkim University

Comedy courses:

If you have a great sense of humor and enjoy making people laugh, or if you frequently use jokes that make people laugh, you should think about enrolling in a unique stand-up comedy training. After completing your degree, you can perform in paid comedy performances, write movie scripts, or work for radio stations. The most well-known universities in the world that provide comedy courses are:

· Comedy Writing and Performance (BA) from Chicago's Columbia College.

· UCLA School of Theater, Film, and Television's Late Night Comedy Writing.

· Bachelor of Fine Arts in Comedy from Emerson College, Boston.

For unique comedy classes, you can also apply to the Universities of California, Arizona State, New York University, and North Carolina. Online certificate programmes in stand-up comedy are also widely available through Udemy and Edx.


Every child has, at some point throughout their formative years, imagined themselves as astronauts. And for some, the Indian Astrobiology Research Centre (IARC) in Mumbai is sustaining that ambition. Astrobiology is the study of how life first appeared in the universe, how it has evolved, and where it has been found. It also looks into the possibility of life on other planets. The IARC is an independent scientific Organisation that promotes and carries out theoretical research in the area. They also provide educational and outreach initiative-related opportunities, such as externships, volunteer positions, and freelance work. They even offer a certificate programme in subjects like astronomy and cosmology, space sciences, and evolution if your desire for space is still unquenched.

Carpet Technology:

The Indian Ministry of Textiles established this highly regarded programme as a whole. This course was created because the Indian Institute of Carpet Technology (IICT) wants to promote the carpet and related textile industry by increasing trained laborers and technical support. Both theoretical and practical knowledge of textile fibres, the dyeing process, carpet cleaning, and other topics are covered in their course curriculum. They even provide a variety of conventional, online, and short-term courses, all geared at promoting the growth of the carpet and textile industries.


Despite what the course's name might imply, it does not instruct students in fishing techniques. The Tamil Nadu Fisheries Industry founded the Tamil Nadu Fisheries University (TNFU) since the Indian economy depends heavily on the fishing industry. It focuses on studies based on aquaculture, like using scientific approaches to maximize gain with minimal effort without endangering the environment or depleting natural resources. Additionally, the method of raising tilapia, catfish, shrimp, loaches, and other ornamental fish scientifically is covered in their courses. And to top it all off, they also work to identify fish diseases and assess the quality of fishery products in an effort to boost productivity and sustain livelihoods.

Food flavorist and flavor chemist:

Food flavorist might be the career for you if solving equations and creating covalent bonds were two of your school's favorite activities. In order to improve the taste and smell of products, the Indian Institute of Hospitality & Management (IIHM) in Mumbai and the SRM University offer a course that assists students in understanding perfumes and flavors. The primary function of the position is to combine different substances to produce distinctive flavors, thus you basically need to get a deep understanding of aroma compounds, essential oils, plant extracts, and other such aromatic ingredients. Fear not, chemistry enthusiasts who aren't huge foodies—there are tonnes of products that call for enticing scents, like toothpaste, cosmetics, and perfumes.

Gardening Programme:

Growing plants increases stamina and strength, eases tension, and encourages relaxation. Also, it might stimulate and arouse interest in the outdoors. The University of Mumbai provides two programmes in gardening for people with a green thumb: Nursery and Farm House Management and the Garden Craft course for modest and ornamental gardens. The second course is offered in both Marathi and English, but the first one is just in Marathi. Both of these short-term courses, which are offered by Mumbai University's Centre for Extra-Mural Studies, will aid you in understanding the complexities of cultivating various plant kinds and the ideal growing environments. Garden Craft is more concerned with aesthetics than horticulture, in contrast to Nursery and Farm House Management.


Enrolling in the mountaineering programme at the Nehru Institute of Mountaineering (NIM) may be the answer to all of your dreams for those who get giddy at the mere prospect of hiking, rock climbing, and other similar sports. Among the other universities that do the same are MAS Manali, SGMI, Gangtok, ITBP training Auli, JIM Pahalgam, HMI Darjeeling, and JIM Pahalgam. There are primarily two levels of training: basic and advanced. Once you've passed these two phases, you can pursue a career as an instructor or in mountaineering and related sports.

Pet Grooming:

This incredibly interesting course was deliberately created with all animal lovers and enthusiasts in mind. The idea of pet grooming is gradually growing in popularity, despite the fact that it is still a relatively new profession option in India. The primary focus of the position is on the cleanliness and look of animals, primarily cats, dogs, and horses. This course is provided by the Mumbai-based Whiskers & Tails Franchise & Pet Grooming Academy and the Fuzzy Wuzzy Professional Pet Grooming School.

Public Health Entomology:

A number of insects, such as mosquitoes that transmit malaria, have a significant negative effect on human health. In order to help resolve these problems, public health entomology studies the ecological and behavioural traits of diverse species that have an impact on human health. The increasing mortality tolls from diseases like malaria and dengue, to name a few, are the main reason for the demand for such competent professionals, and more understanding in this area might actually lead to more effective treatment. This programme is offered by the Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University in Delhi and the Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC) at Pondicherry University.

Tea Tasting:

The world of tea is interesting and encompasses much more than the tea bags in boxes on shop shelves that the majority of people only ever come into contact with. It takes a certain kind of talent to appreciate fine tea, and this art can be learned, developed, and fostered. More than merely tasting tea is involved in the job of a tea sommelier. It requires you to comprehend and assess the quality, offer suggestions for ways to enhance, and brand, all of which call for a thorough understanding of production and cultivation.


Students who enjoy wordplay will adore this college course. This course encourages students to compete against one another in word games like Scrabble and Boggle. It is currently being offered at Princeton University in New Jersey for first-year undergraduates. Playing with words helps pupils' comprehension in addition to increasing their vocabulary.

The Joy of Garbage:

For students who don't bother to care about the environment, this course is an eye-opener in addition to serving as a reminder of the incinerator scene in the movie "Toy Story 3." It is emphasised in this course at Santa Clara University that students should look for value in their own trash, or even better, create value from it.

The common ways that civilisation disposes of waste and the effects that these activities have on the environment are the topic of this course, which is offered under the heading of Environmental Studies and Sciences. Additionally, the course enables learners to dig deeper into the potential for producing money from trash.

Amusement Park Ride Operator:

The rides and slides at theme parks, water parks, and amusement parks may seem safe to visitors who visit them for entertainment, but it is the well-trained staff and ride operators who deserve the credit for keeping people secure while they have fun. The operations and maintenance of ride systems, admissions, handling emergencies, assisting visitors with disabilities, and yes, testing out the rides and slides from time to time to check their sturdiness, ensure their proper functioning, and rate their safety level are all covered in training programmes for theme park employees.

Fashion Writer:

You can start your career as a fashion writer if you have the natural ability and creative flair, a solid command of English writing and speaking, familiarity with the fashion jargon, a degree in journalism or English literature, and flawless English abilities. You can gain attention rapidly in the fashion sector if you have experience in the field, have a strong network of contacts in the business, and reside in a glamorous area.

You will have to travel to fashion hotspots like Delhi and Mumbai, as well as perhaps to far-off places like Paris, Tokyo, Milan, and New York, to attend runway and fashion shows at our expense, meet celebrities and interview the creme of society, cover the newest trends in fashion and beauty, review designer products, and even take some home as keepsakes. All of this will be done at the expense of the best fashion designers and Greek Gods and Goddesses of the ramp.

Snake Charmer:

One of the oldest customs in India and its neighboring nations is snake charm. However, it is now regarded as a full-fledged career due to M.S. Balasubramaniam or Snake Shyam from Mysore's rising popularity. Snake Shyam, a mobile naturalist, was highlighted in National Geographic's "Croc Chronicles: Snakes, Karma, Action" special. Studying Herpetology, a field that focuses on amphibians and reptiles, can allow you to add a sophisticated twist to your career.

Snake venom is used to make anti-coagulants and other medications that can help stroke and heart attack victims. Herpetologists play a key role in this process. In addition, you could always engage in breeding, curating, and field research.

Voice-over Artists:

Vocalists can pursue careers in dubbing, providing voice-overs for cartoon movies or narrating screenplays, or working as a radio DJ, anchor, or show host. You may want to think about this as a job if you have a good voice and the ability to act out your voice. To fit their screenplays, directors, producers, and sound engineers are constantly searching for various voice textures. Some crucial areas in which voice-over artists need training are linguistic proficiency, spoken word control, script comprehension, and voice delivery or modulation.


Unique and fascinating careers frequently have significant advantages. It could imply receiving compensation for engaging in a passion project (which can help you maintain a higher level of job satisfaction and fulfillment).

You may go to work doing something you genuinely enjoy doing for a living and feel happy and content every day when you get home. One of these unusual jobs could provide you with exactly what you are looking for, whether it takes the shape of assisting others, finding your place in the corporate world, mastering an old craft, or polishing other professional skills. It's simpler to stand out in some areas than others. For instance, if you want the possibility of an unconventional work existence, anything that takes originality or creativity is deserving of extra consideration.

If you don't want to pursue the same old courses that most others around you are taking, if you're unsure of what to do after high school or college, or if you just want to learn something new and fascinating, these unusual but interesting courses will be the best solution for you. Numerous of the fascinating and distinctive jobs mentioned above, as well as many more, are required for you to acquire at least some formal education.

Bhavleen Kaur Sethi