Vandana Nalini Singh- Top Ten Literary Pines Part 2

Vandana Nalini Singh

Vandana Nalini Singh is a remarkable individual who has achieved excellence in multiple fields. As an academician, historian, writer, motivational speaker, researcher, social activist, entrepreneur, and professor of History, she has left an indelible mark on society. With a stellar academic career, including being the University Topper of Lucknow University in Medieval and Modern History, Vandana has received prestigious accolades for her outstanding contributions.

Her long list of honors includes "The Real Super Woman Award 2021" in the Multi Talented category, recognition as one of Asia's Top Hundred Influential Women by AIWA, the esteemed Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam National Excellence Award, the Literary Award 'Tagore Sahitya Samman,' and the 'Sarojini Naidu Iconic Women Achievers' award. Vandana's distinctive approach to life is characterized by her continuous exploration of new avenues and her commitment to making a purposeful impact.

As a member of the "Inspiring Women Community," Vandana has dedicated herself to empowering women and challenging discrimination, prejudice, and oppression. Her efforts have been acknowledged with the prestigious 'Sheroes Women of Excellence Award' on Women's Day 2023, the first runners-up award for 'Women of Excellence' from the team of 'Chalk and Duster,' and the 'City Excellence Award' by India News.

Vandana has actively participated in various workshops, conferences, and webinars addressing critical issues such as women's society and change in India, women and HIV/AIDS, diversity among Indian women, combating violence against women, women's rights in the workplace, and the intersection of religion and governance in a secular state. She has also presented research papers on diverse topics, including the challenges of female foeticide and infanticide, the growth of political consciousness during British rule in Lucknow, literature and nationalism, religious ethics and the philosophy of karma, the importance of historical monument conservation, the role of religion and ethics in a globalizing world, and the portrayal of women in the media.

Not only has Vandana co-authored several books, including 'Rising India.....An Echo,' 'Samvad...Deliberations on Gender Equality,' 'Fundamentals of Public Speaking,' and 'Artificial Intelligence: An Inducement of Technology in Human Affairs,' but she has also been invited as a resource person for seminars and webinars on various historical topics.

Her achievements go beyond academia and literature. Vandana has made her presence felt in the media industry, being featured in the radio show on FM 90.4, discussing women's empowerment. She has been selected for the cover story of 'Diva Planet,' featured in 'Charismatic Icon' magazine by Sai Entertainment, and chosen for the 'women success stories' edition of 'Lifestyle Magazine' and 'Passion Review' magazine. Her dreams and determination have led her to become a member of the 'Indian Women History Museum,' further recognizing her dedicated services.

Passionate about promoting consciousness about organic food and a healthy lifestyle, Vandana has ventured into the wellness industry. Through her business enterprise, "Triage Agro Foods," she educates women about the importance of embracing a health-conscious diet based on the strength of natural elements. Her message, "Go green... heal the world," resonates with her commitment to sustainability and well-being.

Vandana's influence extends to the world of beauty as well, where she was among the top finalists of the "Mrs. Capital of India" competition by Fashion Meraki. Her life mantra, "Never hesitate to dream big and stand tall," motivates her to pursue her aspirations fearlessly. Vandana embodies the power of a passionate woman who leaves no stone unturned in making a lasting impact.

Her remarkable achievements and relentless pursuit of excellence will undoubtedly inspire readers to dream beyond boundaries and leave their own unique mark on the world.