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“A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.”

The greatest wealth anyone has ever acquired is education, and nothing will leave you; it only grows. The main source of knowledge is regarded as being teachers. Everybody's life has a significant role for the teacher. From ancient times to the present, teachers have been accorded a particular role in society. These teachers inspired many outstanding people and guided them toward their goals.

Our nation is pleased to also have a long history in the area of education. We have outstanding educators who have achieved significant fame as educators in Indian history. 

One may claim that India has diamonds in the shape of outstanding professors. These educators had a significant impact on society by both their views and deeds, and they were not just involved in teaching.

Following is a list of remarkable educators from all around India who are putting their blood, sweat, and tears into the futures of others who can't even afford quality education and these educators are renowned for their enormous dedication to the area of education:

 Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a great teacher and is regarded as one of the best teachers in Indian history. He served as the first Vice President and second President of Independent India. 

On his birthday, India observes Teachers' Day. Radhakrishnan is regarded as one of India's top educators. He was born in Tiruttani, Tamil Nadu, India, on September 5, 1888. At the age of 21, he earned his master's degree in philosophy.

He placed a high value on spiritual education and made a great contribution to comprehending and spreading the most challenging philosophical ideas. He taught students at the University of Mysore, Mysore Presidency College, and even served as vice chancellor of Andhra University. 

He delivered a presentation on comparative religion at Oxford while representing the University of Calcutta at the international congress in the UK and the US. He was cordial with his pupils. He used to instruct children at home and in the classroom.  A great teacher like him, is an inspiration to many teachers and the greatest teacher in the world even today. He died in 1975.


Quotes by Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan:

“Books are the means by which we build bridges between cultures.”

 “A life of joy and happiness is possible only on the basis of knowledge and science.”

 “We must recall humanity to those moral roots from which both order and freedom spring.”

 “A true teacher is one who helps us think for ourselves”.

 Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam:

Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam was not only a renowned scientist but also a scholar. Millions of kids were motivated by him to advance in life. He served as India's 11th president. Because of his contributions to India's nuclear and space engineering sectors, he was also known as “The Missile Man”.

 The millennial generation in India is well-versed in Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. He was born in India on October 15th, 1931. He was regarded as a visionary because of his belief in the value of practical educational thinking. Kalam emphasised the need to incorporate traditional teaching techniques into contemporary educational processes. Every youngster deserves access to basic facilities like clean drinking water, playgrounds, and restrooms, he insisted repeatedly. He supports providing balanced access to education for both urban and rural locations.

 Kalam was a fantastic teacher and one of the well-known educators who used to think and speak to kids on their level. He cherished spending time with kids. He lectured the youngsters nonstop until he passed away. He had a heart attack and passed away while attending a lecture at IIM Shillong.


Quotes by Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam:

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.”

 “All of us do not have equal talent. But, all of us have an equal opportunity to develop our talents.”

 “Don’t take a rest after your first victory because if you fail in second, more lips are waiting to say that your first victory was just luck.”

 “Some of the brightest minds in the country can be found on the last benches of the classroom.”

 Anand Kumar: 

Anand Kumar, an Indian math educator who was born on January 1st, 1973, is best known for his Super 30 programme, which he launched in Patna, Bihar, in 2002. This programme trains underprivileged students to pass the JEE Main and JEE Advanced entrance exams for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs). By the end of 2018, 422 out of 510 students had been accepted into IITs, and a documentary on the Discovery Channel featured his work.

 Regarding his initiatives for students from the most disadvantaged sectors of Indian society, Kumar has given talks at MIT and Harvard. Many smear efforts have been launched against Kumar and his school, some of which have been covered by Indian media outlets. Hrithik Roshan plays Kumar in the 2019 movie Super 30, which depicts his life and career. Rashad Hussain, the special envoy for US President Barack Obama, praised Super 30, calling it the nation's "greatest" institute. 

 In November 2010, Kumar received the highest honour from the Bihar government, the "Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puraskar." Focus, a magazine published in Europe, chose Kumar in April 2011 as "one of the global personalities that have the power to develop highly bright people." Biju Mathew, a Canadian psychiatrist, wrote Kumar's biography, which he gave to the then-President of India, Pranab Mukherjee. Ram Nath Kovind, the president of India, presented Kumar with the "Rashtriya Bal Kalyan Award."


Quotes by Anand Kumar:

“Dedication and Devotion is key to success.”

 “Journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. And your first step must be in the right direction.”

 “Four formulas of success – Tremendous Efforts, Positive Thinking, Continuous Hard Work and Utmost Patience.”

 “Our biggest treasure is our hard work. Never get depressed, just work hard in the right direction and think that the future is yours.”

 Alakh Pandey (Physics Wallah):

The CEO and founder of EdTech unicorn Physics Wallah is Alakh Pandey. Alakh's adventure as Physics Wallah began in 2014 when he left his fourth year of B Tech to launch his YouTube channel, Physics Wallah, where he would instruct pupils in simplified physics. 

 Alakh Pandey, who was born in October 1991, received his early education in Prayagraj. 

He started teaching young because of the family's financial limitations. He performed well on the UPSCEE because he was strong in science, and as a result, he was admitted to the Harcourt Butler Technical Institute (HBTI), Kanpur. He enrolled in the college's mechanical engineering course.

 Alakh understood right away that many pupils have a passion for knowledge and that he could impart physics and chemistry to them using his own minimalistic teaching techniques. His initial attempt to upload teaching films for Class 12 courses in 2015–16 did not succeed. 

The number of subscribers to his channel then increased in 2017 when videos on subjects relevant to high school pupils were uploaded. His channel had over 50,000 subscribers by the year 2018. He introduced Prateek Maheshwari, the creator of the startup Physics Wallah, in August 2018.

 Alakh Pandey's platform Physics Wallah employs nearly 500 teachers. The platform also has a massive popularity on social media.


Quotes by Alakh Pandey:

“Don't become an audience for the a seller, be a speaker.”

 “Opportunity does not happen, You need to create them.”

 “Losing in life is not a bad thing, the bad thing is not to learn from your defeat.”

 “When you share your dream with others and they don't believe you or make fun of you, you may believe that your dream is excellent.”

 Babar Ali:

Babar Ali, a teacher from Murshidabad in West Bengal who was born on March 18, 1993.

When he was nine years old, Babar Ali established "Ananda Siksha Niketan" (Home of Joyful Learning), a school that offered affordable education in a destitute region of West Bengal, India. The BBC dubbed him the "Youngest Headmaster in the World" at the age of 16. 

 Swami Vivekananda is the source of Babar's motivation. With his objective of "Education for All," Babar Ali inspired numerous people and organisations as a TED fellow and public speaker. Over 6000 students have received an entirely free education from this institution over the course of the past 18 years since its founding. His biography is covered in several curriculum around the world. 

 The NDTV "Indian of the Year" award, the LITERACY HERO AWARD, BY ROTARY INDIA LITERACY MISSION, and most recently being featured in "FORBES ASIA" in their 30 under 30 list as a "SOCIAL ENTREPRENEUR," he was also recognised as the Literacy hero by international literacy association in their "30 under 30" list. Babar Ali won a prize from the programme Real Heroes of the Indian English He was given the BBC Knowledge Education Leadership Award and his narrative was included in the curriculum for the English textbook for the PUC level of the Karnataka government as well as the CBSE 10th standard English textbook. 

 He appeared on Aamir Khan's television programme Satyamev Jayate in July 2012, and he frequently receives invitations to speak at international conferences and forums. Babar earned an English honours degree from Berhampur Krishnath College (under Kalyani University in West Bengal, India), and he also completed his M.A. in English and History. He is also a TED Fellow, INK FELLOW AND INK Conference speaker, and Wired fellow. The Hon'ble President of India mentioned about him and his work in his speech towards the nation on 25 January 2020.

 Quotes by Babar Ali: 

“Knowledge is only potential power.”

 “There is something special in these books, otherwise the heart does not feel so relaxed after reading them.”

 Aman Dhattarwal: 


Aman Dhattarwal is an Indian educator, YouTuber, influencer and career counsellor, who is renowned for his distinctive teaching approach. He manages several YouTube channels, including Apni Kaksha, Apna College, and Apni Kaksha JEE (AARAMBH), where he publishes study materials for IIT JEE candidates and high school students. 

 Aman Dhattarwal came up with the idea to give students free teaching in all disciplines during his second year of college. Aman started a YouTube channel with the same name in 2015 where he posts study materials for the competitive exams and twelfth-class board exams. The channel has more than 4M subscribers. 

 Aman launched the "Apni Kaksha" YouTube channel in April 2018, where he publishes instructional videos for students in class twelve. The channel has more than 1.55 million subscribers. 

 Aman was hired in 2019 by the online learning platform Unacademy to serve as a tutor for the IIT JEE exam. Aman was hired as a coordinator at Jaipur Foot USA, the largest NGO in the world for disabled individuals who cannot afford prosthetic limbs, in June 2019. Aman set a record for the most students to attend a live class in 2019 on the online learning platform Unacademy, garnering more than 364K likes. On Unacademy, one of the biggest online learning platforms in India, he even rose to the position of #1 educator for Physics.

 Aman launched the "Apna College" YouTube channel in August 2020; it currently has more than 3.07M subscribers and offers advice to youngsters on picking the best college and career path after high school.

 More than 60 colleges, including Shri Ram College of Commerce, the IITs, BITS Pilani, the NITs, and Jadavpur University, have invited Aman to speak as a guest speaker. 

 Aman Dhattarwal made history in 2022 when he became the first YouTuber from India to receive three golden play buttons for teaching without any outside sponsorship. Aman is a TEDx speaker who has been asked to talk at more than 19 TEDx events, where he has discussed his experiences as an educator and career advisor.

 Quotes by Aman Dhattarwal:

"If you do not sacrifice for what you want, what you want becomes a sacrifice"

 “Start loving the process, Destination will follow.”

 “Do not think about what you can take from the world, Think what you can contribute to the world.”

 “No one is coming to work on our dreams. If we won’t then who will? #do it now”

 Vimal Kaul:

Vimla Kaul has always been a great mentor, but even after retiring, her enthusiasm persisted. 


As soon as she and her husband retired, she started teaching the underprivileged. and is still doing it at 81 years old. She built her own "little school" in a four-room apartment and gave the title "Guldasta" because she was dissatisfied with the standard of instruction being provided in government schools. Her husband also contributed to the great idea. The woman continued to pursue her passion even after the tragic death of her husband.

 Vimla Kaul dedicated the most of her life to teaching underprivileged children from Delhi slums who lacked the financial means to attend school and giving them hope for a better, more promising future. The parents of all the youngsters are locals who work primarily as cleaners or drivers for the middle class housing estate across the street. English, science, math, and environmental studies are taught to students. Additionally, it has one computer and provides extracurricular activities like drill and yoga.

 The 84-year-old Vimla Kaul stood out from the other teachers due to her zeal and commitment for educating children. Even at this age, she does her best to pass on whatever she knows to the children who are in need and poverty. The foundation of the nation is education, and its youth are its future. Mrs. Kaul's contagious enthusiasm is the stuff of legends and is a true source of motivation for all citizens of the nation.

 Thoughts of Vimla Kaul:

“Age has nothing to do with an individual's passion.”

 “If I can help even one child rise out of their situation and tough circumstances, that’s what matters to me. Most importantly, I want to give them a memorable childhood loaded with memories that they can fondly cherish later on in life.”

 Motiur Rahman Khan:

Rahman sir is a dedicated educator who not only prepares students for challenging exams like the IAS but also shapes the future of India. 

 Rahman, who holds three MAs and a PhD, began his profession in a small rental room. However, during the 1994 recruitment, his classes gained popularity among students. 1100 people from Rahman's class were hired during this period to fill 4,000 sub-inspector positions in Bihar. Students travel to his classes from nearby states including Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand, and Uttar Pradesh. 

 He has taught more than 10,000 students to date, out of whom 3,000 are sub-inspectors, 60 are IPS officers, and five are IAS officers. 

 After excelling, the majority of students support their teachers' social causes to advance education and preparation accessible to the underprivileged students.

 For a guru dakshina of Rs. 11, he educates candidates for the IPS, IAS, and IRS. In a time when educators command salaries in the tens of thousands of rupees to instruct in lucrative coaching facilities, "Guru Rahman" in Patna instructs pupils for the IAS, IRS, and IPS exams for just Rs 11. He serves as their guiding light as he aids them in outlining their path towards a more comfortable lifestyle because there are so many needy students who are unable to create a livelihood out of their primary education.

 HC Verma:

Popularly known as HC Verma, experimental physicist Harish Chandra Verma was born in India on April 3, 1952. He is also an author and emeritus professor at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IIT Kanpur). He received the Padma Shri, India's fourth-highest civilian honour, in 2021 for his contributions to physics. He specialises in nuclear physics. 

He is the author of numerous college-and university-level textbooks, including the well-known, two-volume Concepts of Physics, which is widely utilised by students taking a variety of difficult competitive exams. He is one of the co-founders of Shiksha Sopan, an initiative that helps economically disadvantaged children who live close to the IIT Kanpur campus. 

He has devoted his life to teaching young people about physics. Through his lectures and experimental demonstrations, he has made a significant contribution to the popularisation of physics instruction among Indian students and educators. 

The Bihar state government has given him the Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Shiksha Puruskar. He has also been awarded with Padma Shri award.

 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam rightly expressed, "Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities." 

 These knowledgeable scholars of India contributed significantly to the reformation and growth of the educational system. They had admirable lives and dedicated their entire lives to helping students. They served as the model for humans. These heroes are light workers who not only scribble math formulas on the board, but also open curtains to a bright, sunny, enlightened morning.

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