Music Travel Love: Brothers on a Musical Journey - An Exclusive Interview in The Holistic Pine's May Issue


The Canadian music band Music Travel Love shares the poster of the release of the May issue of The Holistic Pine today, on their Instagram page! 

The Holistic Pine is an international monthly lifestyle journal that caters to a multitude of readers from all over the world. Most readers visit from USA, India, Germany, Canada, UK, and Europe, Russia and Australia. Currently, an automated translation facility is also provided on the site that will enable readers to translate content on the site to their own language to read and understand well.

The latest edition of The Holistic Pine, which hit the shelves during the initial week of May, contains an exclusive discussion with Bob and Clint Moffatt, the siblings of the Music Travel Love troupe. The interview scrutinizes their melodious journey and equips readers with deep perceptions into their existences and professions.

This element is an exceptional addition to The Holistic Pine, which imparts readers with a vast array of existence-associated material, containing features on physical and mental well-being, tourism, gastronomy, and fashion. Furthermore, the journal's universal influence and ability to translate dialects will permit readers across the world to cherish this section in their desired language.

All in all, The Holistic Pine's May publication vows to be an exhilarating reading experience for anyone intrigued by music, existence, and ethnicity.