Five Distinguished Works Selected as Books of the Month by The Holistic Pine


The Holistic Pine Breaks its own tradition!

The Holistic Pine, a monthly independent journal focused on lifestyle in India, has recently revealed its selection for the Book of the Month for May.

The editorial team has taken a distinctive approach and opted to recognize not one, but five books for this distinguished award.

Anupama Ravindran's "Dear Manusha," Sredhanea Ramkrishnan's "The Cord," Sanjay Chandra's "The Gymnast," Jaya Pillai's "Afternoons and More," and Vikas Prakash Joshi's "My Name is Cinnamon" have all made it to the list after a rigorous evaluation process conducted by the team of editors.

The Book of the Month is an accolade that celebrates the most exceptional literary works across a variety of genres. In the past, only one book was chosen in this category. However, the editorial team has gone above and beyond this time by selecting five outstanding books that distinguish themselves for their unique style, storytelling, and content.

The Holistic Pine's Book of the Month selection is always eagerly anticipated by passionate readers and literary enthusiasts across the country. With this month's selection, the journal aspires to draw attention to these remarkable works and introduce them to a broader audience.

These books touch on a wide range of themes, from personal journeys to social issues, and present a diverse perspective on life. The Holistic Pine congratulates the authors and hopes that this recognition will inspire them to continue producing exceptional literary works.