Ginger Kale Fried Rice


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Part 12

Ginger Kale Fried Rice:

This recipe for ginger kale fried rice is simple to prepare, flavorful, and cooks the rice in the pan until it is extra crispy. Any family's go-to dinner recipe lately has been a simple fried rice dish created with any ingredients we happen to have on hand or seasonings we are craving.

It is made with short-grain brown rice, which we adore using in fried rice since it adds additional nutrition benefits and is extremely chewy and tasty. The rice is then cooked till it is extremely crispy and combined with fried rice seasonings, green onions, garlic, peas, etc. The fresh kale, which can be curly or lacinato and is included in one batch of this recipe, softens and blends perfectly with the rice. The rice is also quite well-seasoned with fresh ginger, which, in my opinion, makes it plain delicious.

Fried rice, of course, is always a highly adaptable recipe in terms of component additions and substitutions. Therefore, if you want to spice it up by combining some extra veggies, or some extra protein (crispy tofu would be great) for it.

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