A Multifaceted Journey: From Medicine to Art, Anupama Ravindran Menon's Inspiring Story

Anupama Ravindran Menon, affectionately known as Anu, is a down-to-earth girl from the suburbs of Seremban in Malaysia. She strongly believes in the words of her literary inspiration, Anne Frank, and strives to bring joy and usefulness to people's lives. Anu, the oldest among her siblings, attributes her upbringing and values to her beloved family, especially her father, Mr. Ravindran Menon. After earning a scholarship from the Malaysian Defence Ministry and completing her MBBS from Manipal University, she began her career as a doctor in the Malaysian Armed Forces.

Joining the military as a doctor was a unique and privileged experience for Anu, who served as part of the Malaysian Battalion 850-7 in a peacekeeping operation under the United Nations in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in 2019-2020. This opportunity allowed her to interact with people from different cultures and continents, exchanging personal and professional experiences. As the Gender Focal Point representative for her contingent, Anu felt grateful for the chance to connect with women from diverse backgrounds and learn from their lives.

During her time with UNIFIL, Anu actively participated in the COVID-19 crisis team, working alongside the UNIFIL Medical HQ and the World Health Organization (WHO) to combat the pandemic. She also represented Malaysia as a speaker in international virtual symposiums organized by the Vietnamese defence Ministry, UNDPKO, and CUNPKO India, where she shared insights about the challenges faced in operational areas during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Despite her dedication to medicine, Anu's soul is also captivated by art in all its forms. She finds solace in books, paints on canvases, and captures nature's beauty through her photography. In 2019, she held her first solo art exhibition called "Hridhaya: The Language of Heartbeats." Additionally, Anu has showcased her writing skills, having been published as a joint author in the anthology "Plotpourri" and later releasing her debut novel, "Dear Manusha," which received numerous awards and recognition.

Anu's outlook on life is influenced by her appreciation for the small miracles and moments of joy that often go unnoticed. Above all, she treasures her family and loved ones, including her beloved father. With her diverse interests and talents, Anu embraces the roles of a doctor in the armed forces, a nature photographer, a writer, and a painter. Despite being the "new kid around the block," she has already achieved remarkable success in her artistic and literary endeavours.

Staff Writer