Suresh Nair's Top 5 Motivational Books

What motivates a student to embark on a journey of success? Their journey, chosen by them or a choice made by fate? When they learn about the stories of great men/women, how they stuck to their paths despite the odds, despite the humongous challenges faced by them, it changes the course of their lives. Here are a few of them:

Secrets Behind The Success Of The Microsoft Billionaire: The Biography Of Bill Gates

One of the wealthiest men in the world, Bill Gates created the Microsoft company that is worth $1903 billion. His personal wealth is estimated to be $114 billion. The book narrates the story behind the success of the company and how the idea germinated in his mind during his college days. It is an incredible, yet simple story of success that tells you how focus, determination and sheer will power combined precedes intelligence and brilliance in life's journey.

If you are on a mission to create great things, be a leader who works together with like-minded and ambitious people. Great journeys are never alone, but they need a lion-hearted personality to think differently, persevere and stay focused. Do not lose sight of the interests of the people who are a part of your own ambition.

It is a remarkable book that teaches you that the road to greatness is never easy, but smoothens a bit if you bring together a set of like-minded people.

How I Taught My Grandmother To Read: Sudha Murthy

A simple story that describes the emotions of an elderly woman, it highlights the relationships between a grandmother and her granddaughter. The book teaches young minds simple lessons on how to keep a healthy, loving relationship with the elders in the family. This story revolves around the author teaching her grandmother to read so that she can enjoy her favorite stories. Life in the modern age requires a few simple actions of love and caring. A must read for every youngster. Modern lifestyles put a strain on family relationships, the elders are left on their own. Their emotional state of mind remains unattended. The book teaches us how happiness is created by simple, small steps that make a difference in the lives of people. Children will deeply value their relationships with their grandparents and create a strong bond amongst them.

Masterda Surya Sen: Praveen Sharma

Do not be surprised by my choice. It is not a book with literary finesse. The story of Masterda serves an important lesson: Stand up to oppression and injustice; but MAKE A PLAN. Revolutions or movements are not about making loud noises or rash actions. It is about using your intelligence and street smartness to fight back against oppressors. A book that expresses the value and right to make free choices. Masterda was betrayed and hanged by the Britishers for the Chittagong armory raid in 1930. This is a story lost from the pages of the history of our Independence. Children learn about the untold sacrifices made by thousands of unsung heroes who paid the ultimate price for freedom. The book teaches us that standing up to oppression primarily requires a will; and passion and ambition requires a plan that brings together the efforts of like-minded people.

A Century Is Not Enough: Biography on Saurav Ganguly

He is one of the finest leaders ever to bless the field of sports. A leader par excellence, the book tells us about his cricketing journey. The story reflects on the power of determination, will and mental strength of Saurav Ganguly. It describes the incredible transformation of the Indian cricket team from a team that fared badly in overseas conditions to a world class, globally successful unit. He hates one lesson in this book: NEVER GIVE UP. FACE THE CHALLENGES HEAD ON AND CRUSH YOUR PROBLEMS WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT. A lesson for every youngster who dreams to be a leader and needs inspiration for it. The book talks about how he put his confidence on a bunch of young and inexperienced players who took Indian cricket to dizzying heights of success. He shares his formula of creating a world class unit: For talent to shine, throw them at the deep end of the pool and let him try and try and stay afloat. The book describes his remarkable comeback after being discarded as a captain and a player where everyone in the world believed that his career had ended.

You Are Born To Blossom: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam

Dr. Kalam has been an inspiration to millions of people. His speeches and writings have changed lives. His teachings have molded the lives of children around the country. The book highlights the concern of the current education system. He believes that teaching science and technology needs to be amalgamated with teaching spirituality, meditation and culture. History needs to be taught in the right perspective. He wanted students to be aware of the limitations and work for changes that make them a better global citizen. The educational system needs a globalized viewpoint with patriotism as a catalyst. The content and perspective of education needs amalgamation of global and local viewpoints. He explains that we need not ape the west in its process or its society to become a developed country. India can be a global superpower by rightly utilizing one resource that it has plenty: Its human resource. His journey to make India self-reliant in defense capabilities highlights the work ethics and determination to make it succeed.

Suresh Nair