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“Get outside, you never know where you’ll find yourself.”

Bob (Robert Franklin Peter Moffatt) and Clint (Clinton Thomas John Moffatt) are a musical brother duo from Canada. With almost 5,000 live performances under the category of seasoned entertainers and performing professionally since they were just 4 years old, Clint and Bob are undoubtedly experienced performers. 

The Moffatts, together with their brothers Scott and Dave, were signed to PolydorRecords in Nashville, making them the youngest group to ever sign a record deal with a major label. Over the course of their career, they have sold over six million records (and probably another six million on the unofficial black market for old cassettes), recorded seven albums, achieved Gold and Platinum rank in 32 countries, played at one of the first paid concerts in Chinese history, the first outdoor stadium concert in Vietnamese history, and hold the album sales records for international acts in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

"The Meaning of Happy" is an album by Bob and Clint that was released in 2005 after they got a deal with SonyBMG Thailand. For international musicians in the Asian region, that record had the highest sales in 2006.

They reestablished their careers as songwriters in Nashville after moving back there in 2006. In 2010, they obtained a contract with Wrensong/Reynsong Publishing, where they successfully worked for eight years. 

They put out the track "Goodbye Baby" in 2015, which peaked at number 20 on The Highway Sirius XM. They launched their debut EP in October 2016, and the song "Amen for Women" from it gained well over 2 million views on Facebook in just a few weeks. The group's second EP was titled "Happy 'N High". In their own studio, where the single "One More Minute" was recorded, Bob and Clint wrote, sang, performed, and produced each song.

They still write today for their own projects in addition to writing for other artists. On the previous album by Canadian musician Jimmy Rankin, they contributed three songs, and the tracks "Done Runnin'" and "I've Got You (And You've Got Me)" were being performed on Nashville, an ABC primetime programme. 

In 2018, Endless Summer published a collection of travelling studio videos under the title "Music, Travel, Love," which gave rise to their current band name, MTL. The duo published a collection of "Music Travel Love" (MTL) music videos that featured them travelling. Bob and Clint would load their belongings into a few tiny backpacks and tour the world in search of the most picturesque locations to create music videos for both their original songs and classic cover tunes. This allowed them to combine their passions for music, travel, and family. 

All of their rapidly expanding social media platforms, including YouTube, receive their videos for sharing. All tracks are also available for purchase and streamed, in addition to being accessible elsewhere.  

The MTL journey has been full of amazing adventures. They appreciate all the wonderful people who have supported them along the way, including their fans, drivers, agents who have brought them to their fascinating nations, sponsors, videographers, hotel staff who have served us meals and cleaned our rooms, sound engineers, stage crews, flight attendants, and pilots, as well as their wives who have been keeping the home fires burning while they were away. 

Bob and Clint have packed up their belongings and are currently travelling the globe, staying at a number of spectacular locations and performing for those who will listen. They are not only reaching the locals of that particular place, but they have also posted their videos on YouTube and other media. The places MTL had travelled:

Cades Cove
Joshua Tree
Lake Powell

Musical Journey (History):

The Moffatts was founded by Bob, Clint, Dave, their fraternal triplet brother, and Scott when they were just six years old. They began as a country band when they were young and formed in 1990. The Moffatts, who signed with Polydor Records in Nashville when the eldest member was 12 and the other three were 11 years old, were the youngest band to ever obtain a record deal. Their stunning cover of Bill Wither's timeless song "Stand by Me" on acoustic guitar is one of their most watched YouTube videos.

The Moffatts released 7 albums over their career, including "It's A Wonderful World" (1995), "Chapter I: New Beginning" (a pop album), and "Submodalities" (their last album). 

The band split off in 2001, and for the next eleven years, very little was heard of them until they came back together for the one-time performance "Home for Christmas." The Moffatts Farewell Tour, a promotional performance by Scott, Bob, and Clint, took place in 2017. Dave joined them for the second half of the season in 2018, even though he missed the first.

The Moffatts was not the end of Bob and Clint's musical career. Five years after the band split up, Bob and Clint returned to Nashville and discovered their love for songwriting all over again. They got a contract with Wrensong/Reynsong Publishing in 2010 and have been working there since nine years. They have created songs for their duo, Endless Summer, and have also contributed to the tunes of other musicians, such as Jimmy Rankin.

Numerous singles by Endless Summer were published, and in 2018, they launched their own travelling show called Music Travel Love. They understood from this how perfectly the name captured the personalities of the couple. Endless Summer was renamed Music Travel Love as a result of their love for the people in their lives, their enthusiasm for music, and their travels.

When You Say Nothing At All, a country song written by Paul Overstreet and Don Schlitz and originally performed by Alison Krauss, Keith Whitley, and Ronan Keating, is performed by Music Travel Love.

With microphones set up in front of them and guitars in their hands, the duo takes a position on the bridge of the location of their choice. They perform a lovely, calming cover of the song, and they frequently look towards each other, highlighting their shared interests in music, travel, and love.

On Facebook, Instagram, TIK TOK, and YouTube, their videos have gained about 900 million views, and they have amassed over 7 million combined followers until January 2021

While they want for Music Travel Love to grow over time and be shared with their followers throughout the world, they are also expanding out into other projects including Music Travel Relax, Music Studio Love, and possibly their personal favourites Music Travel Kids and Music Java Love.

Top Tracks of MTL:

I Want It That Way
Take Me Home, Country Road
Let Her Go
You Are My Sunshine 

When You Say Nothing At All 

True Colors 

Stay With Me
I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing
Every Breath You Take
Right Here Waiting

Music Love Travel Wedding Songs:

A brother duo called Music Travel Love is well-known for its acoustic covers, which are excellent for wedding music. Following is the list of songs to play on the wedding: 

When You Say Nothing At All (Released in 2017 on the album The Facebook Live Sessions & More): A beautiful cover that you may include in your wedding ceremony, especially the unity ceremony.

Stand By Me (Released in 2019 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 1): A very well-known love song. Prince Harry and Meghan even had this song play during the ceremony.

More Than Words (Released in 2019 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 2): A well-known and popular classic rock love song that you could play at any moment on your Big Day.

I Don’t Want to Miss A Thing (Released in 2022 on the album Covering the World): The Armageddon film has one of the finest rock love songs ever written.

Forever and Ever, Amen (Released in 2019 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 2): A timeless country song that has been modernised and is loved by every generation.

How Deep Is Your Love (Released in 2022 on the album Covering the World): One of the love songs from the disco period that would best complement a wedding ceremony.

Just The Way You Are (Released in 2020 as a single): The song, which can be used to complement the wedding cake cutting, is a well-known love dedication to your new spouse.

Bless The Broken Road (Released in 2019 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 1): A very well-known love song that you can play as you make your way down the aisle.

The Only One (Released in 2020 on the album Originals): The best wedding song on the list is this one. It won't be played at every wedding, and you can personalise it for every unique wedding moment.

What A Wonderful World (Released in 2020 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 3): A timeless tune with a fresh twist that is perfect for a fun parent-child dance song.

Can’t Help Falling In Love (Released in 2022 on the album Covering the World): One of the best love songs ever written. The duo cover highlights the love for one another.

Truly Madly Deeply (Released in 2023 as a single): A 90s love song that can be played throughout the reception or incorporated into the ceremony.

This I Promise You (Released in 2022 as a single): If boy bands are your thing, this cover will make the event feel romantic.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Released in 2020 as a single): The perfect wedding music, you may use it to enhance any occasion or for formal dances.

Perfect (Released in 2019 on the album Covering the World, Vol. 2): The perfect love song for your first dance as well as all other wedding-day moments.

Amazing Facts about MTL:

Once, Clint and Bob Moffatt were driving around Nashville and had just finished a brand-new EP that they were getting ready to promote around at record labels. They both looked at each other and asked, "Is this what we want to be doing for the next year, convincing label executives to like us? We chose to ask ourselves a basic question because we had been doing it for the past eight years. In the upcoming ten years, what do we hope to accomplish? We replied that we would keep on making music, go on more trips, and spend more time with our families, and thus Music Travel Love was created. It has allowed us to eliminate gatekeepers and communicate directly with our followers.”

Lake Powell is the favourite location for recording, because it was one of the earliest and was somewhat of a find. We had to hike a considerable distance to get there, but once we did, it seemed absolutely perfect for the song "Stand by Me."

They choose the songs that have motivated and inspired them or anything they were grow up on. They occasionally choose not to listen to the original before arranging their own version. They simply follow their recollection of how they remembered it. They frequently discover that they have sped up or slowed down the song. As a result, it turns into a reflection how the song has impacted us and how it permeates our souls.

Bob would choose Bali if he could spend a week travelling anywhere in the globe. It helps that he prefers sunny days on a white sand beach for the weather.

Clint claims that wearing sweaters is his current obsession.

Bob believes he would probably be placed in the Hufflepuff house.

George Strait and Bryan Adams are two of Clint's all-time favourite musicians.

The Neverland depicted in the Hook film would be Bob's ideal place to reside.

Clint has always had an ambition to master the piano.

Music Travel Love seeks to connect with listeners and fans through their songs.

Clint would choose Garth Brooks as his life mentor if he could choose anyone at all.

Clint and Bob Moffat, better known as Music Travel Love, are frequently seen on YouTube exploring waterfalls or trekking to some of the most breathtaking locations to record their amazing performances. Nearly 1 million subscribers already follow the musical brother duo to hear both their original music and their covers of songs by renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Dan + Shay, Cyndi Lauper, and many more. 

They currently record and perform cover songs in beautiful locations all over the world. Additionally, they launched a coffee company named Music Java Love as well as the kids' channel named Music Travel Kids. In addition to being active on social media and posting covers, Dave teaches yoga. Scott produced the first two singles released by country music superstar Luke Combs. Scott won producer of the year awards at the ACM, CCMA, and CMA Awards in 2020.

Bhavleen Kaur Sethi