Kerala SSLC Results: Revaluation Process to Commence on May 20

Amidst much anticipation, the official announcement of the Kerala SSLC 10th Result for 2023 has finally arrived. Students all across the state are filled with joy and satisfaction as an impressive pass percentage of 99.70% has been accomplished. This extraordinary feat stands as a testament to the immense dedication and perseverance exhibited by both the students and the educational institutions involved.

One of the remarkable highlights from this year's SSLC results is the substantial number of students who have excelled by securing an A+ grade in all subjects. This exceptional achievement has been realized by an astounding total of 68,604 students, showcasing their unwavering commitment to academic excellence. Notably, Mallapuram district emerges as the leader, boasting the highest number of A+ SSLC students, an impressive figure of 4,856.

Moreover, the educational landscape of Kerala has reached another significant milestone as an astonishing 2,581 schools have achieved a flawless 100% pass rate. This commendable accomplishment serves as a testament to the relentless efforts exerted by both the educators and the students, underscoring their dedication to maintaining a high standard of education.

The official unveiling of the Kerala Board SSLC Result 2023 was carried out by V Sivankutty, the Minister for General Education, who expressed his admiration for the students' accomplishments and praised their unwavering determination. To access their individual marks, students can visit the official websites:,, or

The SSLC examinations witnessed a significant participation rate, with a total of 4,19,362 regular students and 192 private students undertaking the tests. The gender distribution remained fairly balanced, as 2,13,801 boys and 2,00,561 girls appeared for the SSLC examinations, showcasing the equal enthusiasm and drive for academic success exhibited by both genders.

For students who wish to apply for a revaluation of their papers, an opportunity awaits as the reevaluation application process is set to commence on May 20 and will continue until May 24. This provision allows students to have their papers reviewed and reassessed, ensuring fairness and accuracy in the evaluation process.

The declaration of the Kerala SSLC Results signifies a significant milestone in the educational journey of these students. It stands as a testament to their tireless efforts, resilience, and the unwavering support provided by their teachers and parents. The exceptional results achieved this year will undoubtedly inspire and motivate future generations of students to strive for excellence in their academic pursuits.