Life: A Poem by Neha Dutt

How long ??

Appreciate and move on

Forgive and move on.

Forgive and forget

And when you get

you regret !!!

Life and love

Is a puzzle.

Some solve and

Some dissolve themselves

In the quest .

The process

So tedious

Yet unavoidable..

The journey

So long

Yet enjoyable…

Where we meet some

And lose some.

Carry on with a smile

With unseen strength

The mettle in me

Yet not tested.

Will prove all wrong.


I shall write a story of no

Forgive or forget or regrets.

Cause this life is mine

And mine alone........

by Neha Dutt

With the passion to write from my childhood days … I had my stories and poems published in a school magazine…
After my graduation from DU and PGDCA, I worked with a multinational for a couple of years and later completed my MBA hr and event management.

The busy life of the corporate world and family consisting of a husband and two children, could still manage to pen my feelings and thoughts …
This gives me immense strength and joy .
Writing is like my 24*7 friend … always there …..

Neha Dutt