Full Circle: A Poem by Neha Dutt

The emptiness

Brings thoughts

Of loneliness…


The life yearns

For fullness..

When the direction

Is unknown

Let’s go on the paths

Lesser known..

For they will bring

With them

The satisfaction


Failed by the warmth

Of relations.

Let’s seek the

God’s creations…

For they are the reason

For our birth …

Not getting lured by

The human desires..

I decide to emerge

From the quagmires…

Dancing and leaping

With joy and exhilaration…

Seeking the meaning

Of completion.

by Neha Dutt

With the passion to write from my childhood days … I had my stories and poems published in a school magazine…
After my graduation from DU and PGDCA, I worked with a multinational for a couple of years and later completed my MBA hr and event management.

The busy life of the corporate world and family consisting of a husband and two children, could still manage to pen my feelings and thoughts …
This gives me immense strength and joy .
Writing is like my 24*7 friend … always there …..

Neha Dutt