Her Story: A Poem by Hridya R

Found not in the words of great muses
And rhymesters and sonneteers,
Found not in Bacon, Picasso and Lenin
And the great bookshelves I forage in vain.

My soul ached, fade my female figure,
The grief I carry is too deep and old.
The hellacious heat more than bear,
the curse of a thousand unknown mothers.

Serene to voice and praise ‘his’ deeds
they clap their hands and feel at ease.
Yet, my ipseity sealed, banned to reveal
for they fear the power of countless EVEs.

ITS TIME, IT’S TIME to lend the ears
to hear HER story, unsnarl and real.
Professes the wombs that bear genesis,
She is here to share ‘his’ fear.

The endless fear, the forbidden truth
SHE, the Bold-mother, the female Prometheus
Held the flame, fill in the globe
Blamed for command, forged a sinner,
Whose act, they say, end the life aloft.

The breast giver accord life through pain, yet
Found the serpent in every soul she made.
Betrayed twice, the wounded soul
embraced the eternal rest herself.

Hold the breath and listen to the wail
Of every womb on earth in vain,
What SHE suffered-unheeded
What ‘he’ did honoured.

by Hridya R

Hridya R is a teacher and writer living in Thalassery, Kannur district in Kerala.She obtained MA in English language and literature from Kannur University, Thalassery campus with a second position and completed B.Ed from Department of Education,Kannur University. She is currently working as an Assistant professor in a college affiliated to kannur University.She enjoys writing on several areas of literature and is an avid reader.