OUR SILENCE: A Poem by Dr Shweta Jaiswal

There's a silence between us.
We fall short of words.
Try as we may, stay quiet we must
This silence is golden,
Poignant and peaceful.
You hold my hands in yours,
And we are bound together.
As we look in each other's eyes,
No words are needed,
To say the things we need to.
This is our silence,
Touching and true!

by Dr Shweta Jaiswal

Dr Shweta Jaiswal is a senior Healthcare Professional with over 18 years of experience as an Anaesthetist & Intensivist. She has worked across India in various tertiary care hospitals. Her field of expertise are Cardiac & Neuro Anaesthesia and Cardiac Critical Care & Transplant Critical Care. She has been instrumental in establishing E-ICU in two hospitals in Chhattisgarh. And has also worked with NABH & JCI Committees in several corporate hospitals. She did her MBA in Healthcare from ISB and is currently involved in Research in the field of Healthcare at ISB.