Labour Room: A Poem by Bhavya Shree V


Screams.... Screams.... Screams..... I holded my breath for a second... Pathetic! My ears rhymed With Incessant screams I was for the first time in; This 'RED' room. On the wall,was hold 10 letter words 'LABOUR ROOM '. coloured red on it. Even the floor was red Stain of blood Amid A life and a thigh But her face brimmed With a beam And tears in eyes They murmured How blessed she is... But How! I wondered There was a hole In her thigh Flooded with blood Tailored raw flesh Frightened eyes Paled face Camouflaged soul Still they called her Blessed Woman Hmmmm... Ridiculous....! I murmured By patting my Baby bump With a grin from ear to ear.

by Bhavya Shree V

BHAVYA SHREE V Hails from a small town in Kerala. She now works as a college lecture of English Language and Literature, in the district of Kasaragod. Being a bilingual poet of social and personal realism, under minimalist writing, she hopes and longs for the readers of a better understanding of Marginalized Sections. Spouse: Krishna Kumar A, having a kid. Parents: Vasudevan Nambiar & Bharathi M.