MY SECRET DIARY: A Poem by Bhavna Menda

Getting down my thoughts on paper , tracking my progress,
What can be better than a secret diary to relieve me of my stress.

No rules to censor my thoughts or feelings,
It helped understand self better, for strengthening and healing.

Some secrets were skeletons rattling dirty bones I claim,
Whose existence scared me, their presence pained .

Some secrets were fragile to handle, some were dangerous territory,
Some were secrets whispered in youth, which lingered like scars of open chest surgery.

Some secrets have been destructive and explosive to the world ,
Some registered the cries of my heart, some spoke of my fantasies unfurled.

It has helped me process difficult feelings and regain control over the plot line of my life,
It has reflected the power in me to overcome all obstacles, and made me happy, positive and content as if in paradise.

It revealed the elusive type of love I experienced in life,
The passion, longing and mystery love carried, still kept alive.

You delved in my soul, I thought it didn't even exist ,
I found real love in I no longer believed in... now I couldn't resist .

I hold our memories close forever,
And visit them whenever I'm sad and low,
Your love galore kept my spirits high and happier than ever,
You will always stay in my heart's abode.

by Bhavna Menda 

She is Bhavna Menda She is her own experiment. She is her own work of art. She lives her flaws and she owns her quirks. Her power is about loving herself and having confidence and strength from within .