The PUBG LOVE STORY by Suresh Nair

This is an unusual love story. But one wonders if it is indeed a love story. The story of Seema Haider is the love story of the century or the greatest spy mission of Pakistan.

Who is Seema Haider?

She is a 30-year-old (looks older) Pakistani woman. She is the latest, albeit temporary obsession of the Indian media. A mother of 4, separated from her husband, she was recently arrested with her husband, Sachin Meena, for entering India without proper documentation, from greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

The new match maker: PUBG.

Apparently, Sachin and Seema fell in love with each other while playing PUBG. It seems PUBG is an effective dating app for people transcending international boundaries for love.

How did she reach India?

Seema took a circuitous route from Pakistan to Dubai, from where she went to Nepal. She crossed into India from the porous border.

Jealous neighbors

It seems that the neighbors could not digest the love story. A lawyer filed a complaint and had them arrested. Some neighbors called Seema a bad influence. They are worried that all guys will now look for love in Pakistan. Many people feel something is wrong in the love story as there is a mismatch in their pairing. Seema is the confident, beautiful, gutsy woman whereas Sachin is the docile, timid boy who has been entrapped by Seema. Some call it a Pakistan conspiracy to embed a spy.

Best investigators are in Media

Our best spies are in the media. If only ‘RAW’ would recruit from the media, we would have the best spy agency in the world. Within a few days, they were able to dig out the life story of Seema, her family in Pakistan, and the entire journey of the love story between her and Sachin.

What is the status?

The government of India is investigating the case. There is talk of deportation. Seema says that she would rather be in jail in India rather than go back to Pakistan. Her estranged husband now wants her back.

Sachin asks: is she the “spy who loved me”? The jury is out on that one. By jury, I mean the judge and executioner also, the Great Indian Media. I am sure the investigation agencies will do a thorough job and get a proper picture on the actual story.

Let us pause for a bit, look at the situation with a lens of practicality:

Is Seema a spy? Surely, if she is, her career as a spy has ended. All this exposure is against the norms of spy craft. A spy needs to keep a low profile. I am sure the ISI in Pakistan is intelligent enough to have known this. A woman entering India illegally with four children, changing her religion, would find it difficult to be an effective spy. Sachin Meena does not seem to be holding state secrets for her to steal.

If she has come for love, her courage and indomitable will is admirable. It is a love story that should be made a film. If she has travelled to India for love, let her remain here.

Yet, there seems to be too many gaps in their stories. In due course of time, we will know the whole story.

by Suresh Nair