LOST YESTERDAY: A Poem by Rachael Savina Goveas

An era has gone by.
There's nothing to renew it.
Mixed cultures, changed concepts - 
A lack of knowing 'me and you'.
The disadvantages of the system 
Of education, of learning -
Lost desires to know and explore 
Ancestral interests and ethics.
Farewell to respect and awe,
To pure patience and silence.
Adieu to selfless relations
Where few were opportunistic.
The present knows not much of 
The value of hard work and sweat ; 
Where goals were achieved together 
With difficulty, where hearts were one.
Walls tower over relations,
Innovations invite individualism. 
That simple, home - based, tedious life 
Has turned progressive and competitive.
Rage not at my subjectivity,
Our prized possession was proximity. 
Think not of this as stupidity,
I cling to lost yesterday with fidelity.
The sights and sounds of today
Show how people've moved astray.
Sadness makes me find,
My lovely past - I thus rewind.
Memories meander in the mind.
O unique Past, I'm lost, I'm blind -
O present, thou art fine
But the old is better, sweet as wine.

by Rachael Savina Goveas

Rachael Savina Goveas is an Assistant Professor of English from Kannur, Kerala. She has been teaching English language and literature since 2010 and enjoys her profession. Life is her greatest teacher. She likes to pen her thoughts in the form of poems or small quotes. She has been writing since 2002. Her poems have been published in the anthologies The Rising Cavalry (Spectrum of Thoughts, 2021) and Letters to Life (Humrooh Publication House, 2022). Her thoughts are posted on YourQuotes under the name Ray Goveas.