Multifaceted Rain: A Poem by Vandana NK in Rain Song Part 1

The soft touch of an evening rain
Gently wakes me up from the strain
I have long been waiting in a lull
For you to water my withering soul

Seeing you in full glory is my peace
And you bring me ultimate solace
Although it is kind of chill
You now have me under your spell

Though lost in your presence
I keep thinking of your multifaceted acts
Over the years you did transform
And that is something I fail to fathom

The gently falling silver pearls
That offer a feast to my eyes
Can anytime turn torrential
And wreak havoc in multitudes

The soft music you produce
Which is my lullaby sometimes
And which turned many into poets
Can now spoil many lives

Sweet memories of childhood you evoke
Of watching the drops roll down my window
Of walking and singing in the rain
And it removed all my pain

Then the phase of quite tranquil in youth
When you reminded of a loved one
And I sang along your tune
And we laughed at the hiding moon

Those are the rains I crave for
Pray you remain like that forever
Putting us to a peaceful slumber
And not to eternal sleep with a thunderstroke

by Vandana NK

An IP professional from Bangalore. Post Graduate in English Language and Literature from the University of Calicut. enjoy reading all genres and write poetry during free time.