Memories: A Poem by Shini George

When I wake up from my nap
You soak me in rain
Each drop ambrosial
I smile half awake
Drifting slowly into
That teenage fancy.
Immersed in love
Savouring each drop
Thinking that love is a dish
Made by the best chef.

I am walking on the road
You ambush me
From behind the bushes
I stare at you
I dare you
You are unshaken
I show you my bruises
I show the bloodstains
You laugh mercilessly.

Until I slumber on the lap of
sweet eternity
I know you will keep surging
Up and down.
You will kiss me till I bloom
You will embrace me
Till I melt in your arms
You will taunt me
Till I lose my patience
You will blame me
Till my heart rips up
You will leave me alone
Pining for you
You will lure me
Into the cave of depression
And once I embrace
the bliss of oblivion
You will always reappear
You will chase me
Like a madman
You will drag me
Like a maniac
Until I pass out.

I give up
I can only run so far
You always catch up
Let us strike a pact
I am
what I have been through,
The sum total of my memories.

by Shini George

Shini George is an Assistant Professor at the Department of English, Nirmalagiri College, Kuthuparamba, Kannur.

She worked as Administration Manager of Linde Helium M E FZCO, Dubai, UAE for 13 years.

She is an ardent lover of literature who believes that words are powerful catalysts that can transform people and their lives.