Zuali a Lover Girl: A Poem by Nusrat Jabeen

Zuali, oh lovely a lover girl,
Which is full of heavenly colours,
Born up with morning dew,
Shyness is her sheer beauty,
Carry her lifestyle sweetly,
Spreading smile with positive vibes,
Oh my Sun! taking vitamin D continuously,
Stupendous Eye-catching eyes,
Glittering shining hair bright,
Her dream voice arouse,
Lengthy time in the summer night,
Her numeric number is six,
How so worst my fixed,
So gentle, warm welcome of pure heart,
No entry of evil soul in goddess destiny,
Kind thoughts mixes with divine attributes,
Her words of mouth leave a remarkable sign,
Oh lovely maiden rare of responsibility,
Zuali take care of her genuine duty,
No doubt with charismatic Zuali,
Angel heart speaks always the truth.

by Nusrat Jabeen