Urfi Javed- Fashion Icon or Fail: A Scrutiny by Nidhi Alexander Rachel

Urfi Javed, a native of Lucknow, has been working in the sector for a few years now. Urfi entered Bigg Boss OTT as a competitor after performing on a few television shows. During her week-long stay in the house, she was able to win people over. Her attire generated more discussion than the fact that she was living in the contentious home. Urfi Javed appeared on the show wearing a variety of strange outfits, but it was her garbage bag garment that caught viewers' attention.

Urfi Javed gained notoriety for her unconventional ensembles, which became a sensation. Her fashion choices garnered attention and sparked discussions among notable personalities. Urfi Javed capitalized on this and transformed absurd items into fashionable attire. She even designed an outfit composed of safety pins and false nails.

Disco Ball Dress

Celebrities frequently wear disco ball gowns on the red carpet, but Urfi took it a step further. She used disco ball mirrors to just hide her face and her chest.

Dress made of Self Portraits

When Urfi Javed wore an outfit constructed from her own images, she elevated self-obsession to a new level. She took a few images while wearing a white shirt and some portrait shots. She later had polaroids taken from these pictures and used them to create a garment.

Blade Dress

The most hazardous objects to handle are blades, yet Urfi Javed also used them to create clothing. She referred to it as the "ideal dress for introverts."

Safety Pin Dress

Urfi Javed once more created a new textile out of pins, despite the fact that they are a vital component of vanity. She stitched numerous pins together to create a garment. To emphasise the appearance, she donned a black bikini underneath the dress made of pins.

Chain Dress

In an amazing and unexpected feat, the internet sensation managed to wear a shirt constructed entirely from chains, specifically those used for bikes and bicycles. To make matters even more interesting, she took to social media to reveal the aftermath of this daring fashion choice - a series of red marks and bruises encircling her neck.

Watch Dress

Nobody would have ever thought that someone would wear clothing fashioned out of timepieces, yet Javed managed to pull it off virtually without effort. She shared a video of herself wearing a skirt made of many timepieces. She donned an odd skirt and a simple t-shirt, giving everyone something fresh to talk about.

by Nidhi Alexander Rachel

[Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece are the author's own. The journal has no involvement. ]