Journey of Life, Well Lived With Grace!

Shivi Goyal

Well, writing about your life’s journey is not an easy task. I was overwhelmed when I was asked to document my journey for this magazine. I did not know how and what all shall I quote. When you live a life, you have lots of good and bad experiences, which eventually lead you closer to your path. So, I won’t waste much of your time and leave you here to read about who I am. 

Hi, My Name is Shivi Goyal. I’m an Indian, and I’m coined as – Authorontravel and Spirited Blogger for my books and travelogues that I share on my platforms and my website. Blessed World Record Holder, author of 3 individual books and co-author to 10 anthologies. Happy to be a full-time blogger, writer & author, Solo Traveller, Entrepreneur, Digital and content strategist, ghost-writer, and editor. The quirky side of my profile is being a nature enthusiast, sujok therapist, Life-coach, YouTuber, Humanitarian and artist. An aspect that is close to my personal life is my evolution on the spiritual path. Last but not least, I’m a proud single mom and a human being who keeps challenging societal norms through my articles and poems—an idealist about living life with conviction and kindness.

What It Is To Be An Indie Author? 

Lifetime of pulling all strings together alone. 


A multi-faceted personality that brings life into her writings with compassion, wisdom, happiness and kindness. Have been featured by over 100 media outlets, including Dainik Bhaskar, Daily Hunt, Times of India, Outlook, and so on. My popular blog has 15K+ monthly readers, and my Instagram account @authorontravel is a hub for her musings, travel stories, podcasts and brand collaborations. 


I have a YouTube channel, @spiritedblooger, which is the most viewed channel for life lessons, quotes, healings, travel blogs and much more. Feels great to be a member of several writing communities and have won numerous awards for my literary contribution. I love to write about women, self-love, humanity, patriarchy, self-help, spirituality and more. For me, my poetry, prose and verses are my romance. A full-time travel junkie who writes her travel journals and blogs at Take some time to read and learn and spread love.

Start Of A Maverick Life


When I got separated seven years back, I was left with nothing mentally and financially. Having a 2.5-year-old daughter on your lap, you keep thinking, how will I feed her and myself, and would you bear the rent and fixed expenses? No, where to go for a long time, then struggled to work, found a job, and got a few freelance gigs. All this was not a continuous and stable. Honest confession - It wasn’t easy to maintain the dignity of being a woman who is just separated, which many humans believe is a sign of something else. However, life has to move on. Battling depression made me more robust about the prevailing attitudes and stereotypes around me. Today I feel proud to be a single mom and an established self-made woman. I desire to take life positively with belief and my meditative lens’s writings. 


“It has been both exciting and inspirational progress for me. I’m still learning the unlearn. All thanks to my Godsend, who put my life’s pieces back into a lively and a strong human.”



Entrepreneurial Ventures 


A platform for art connoisseurs - Mystopedia Creations. Artwork includes abstract art, canvas paintings, illustrations for postcards, wall art, bookmarks, and wall décor. I work with watercolour pencils, acrylic, art pens, sketch pencils, and charcoal. This art is available to be delivered worldwide. The idea behind this start-up is to bring artists together and give a change to showcase their art and artworks. Other than that, my worldwide collection of notebooks, journals, activity books, diaries, composition notebooks, colouring books etc., is available worldwide (except in India) under the pen name – Mystopedia Creations. One can check on Amazon by this name, and you will get the author’s profile.


Founder of Mystopedia Handlooms under the brand name of Mystopedia Creations is The Home Linen, Home Furnishing, Clothing & Home Décor Collection from Indian Artisans and tribal communities who are connecting our roots of unparalleled Craftsmanship. The products are all 100 percent pure sustainable cotton, made from traditional techniques of hand block, dabu, bagru, and more. Everything is hand-crafted and hand-spun. Our artisans have been skilled for centuries and perform all hand-based processes with ease and hard work. Mystopedia Handlooms are the medium to get them fair wages directly from rural makers to modern markets. 

The idea is to grow together. The manifestation is to gain abundance for all, as when we grow, the others grow. A part of our proceeds goes to (Grameen Foundation and 


I’m always there to help and answer your queries about writing, content writing, digital marketing, travelling myths, sustainability and much more on Instagram (@authorontravel), Facebook (@spiritedblogger), or catch me on website –