Penning Triumphs: The Literary Odyssey of Neha Tekwani

Meet Neha Tekwani, a distinguished literary figure making waves on the global stage as an Honorary Doctor in Creative Writing and an Indian Literary star. Her immense talent spans various genres, from multi-genre books to poetry, lyrics, and insightful articles, all blending imagination and wisdom seamlessly. With an impressive bibliography, Neha has authored 20 books and co-authored 11 anthologies, all of which have found homes on international platforms like Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

This prolific author's work has garnered widespread acclaim, earning her numerous prestigious awards such as the Wattpad Wordsmith, Royalist, and Oscar Awards. She's also been honored with the Tagore Ratna and Rabindranath Tagore Literature Award, Young Woman Achiever Award, and Rising Ink Literary Award, among others. Neha has been recognized as one of India's Top 10 Most Inspiring Women in the field of literature by the National Books of Records, and she has been named the Inspiring Woman of the Year by Asia's Top 100 Influential Women of Diva Planet Magazine, Crown Publications. Most recently, she was bestowed with the William Shakespeare Golden Book and Laureate award for her exceptional contributions to literature and her entrepreneurial success.

In addition to her literary pursuits, Neha is also pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration (Management) from IIBMRT, Mumbai. She balances her passion for writing with part-time fashion influencing, but her true devotion lies with words as she remains a full-time wordsmith. Neha's interests extend to glass-painting and calligraphy, and she indulges in honing her makeup skills when she's not busy chasing her goals. Unwinding with Netflix serves as her preferred way to relax.

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