A New World: A Poem by Vandana NK

Emerging from the depths of buried memories
Gasping for breath with a heavy chest
And groping for a clutch on reality with each breath
She beholds the new world in front with grit

Ready to drown in the labyrinth of life
As hitting the rock bottom was never her grief
She tries to touch the reality on the face
And it turns as cold as alabaster to her touch

On a quest for her good old hamlet
While hostile glances are all that she invites
She yearns for some cheerful beats
But all she heard was a melancholy strain

Trying to fathom what her sin was
Never an easy task it was
Compassion was the answer she found
Though, according to her, that never counted

The new world is a big contrast
Where she is lost again and again
She is blind to the myriad of hues
And searches for black and white

It is a world of votes and bots
Which is not what she seeks
Living under the rock seemed quite the bliss
As opposed to the current mess
She turns her back on the new world
As it never offered a kind word
To travel down the labyrinthine passage
And never ever to emerge

by Vandana NK

Vandana is an IT professional from Bangalore. Being a post graduate in English Language and Literature, she is an ardent reader and interested in all literary genres. Writes poetry in her free time.