Coming Soon: Music Travel Love Moffatt Brothers Interview with Ankush Bharti on The Holistic Pine

 In our upcoming May issue, The Holistic Pine is pleased to present an exclusive interview with the iconic Canadian brother musical duet, Bob and Clint Moffatt. The Moffatt brothers, who have been playing since they were four years old, will discuss their three-decade career with our Chief Editor, Ankush Bharti.

The brothers have sold over six million records and recorded seven albums since signing with Polydor Records in Nashville, achieving Gold and Platinum records in 32 countries. They've performed at historical events like China's first paid performance and Vietnam's first outdoor stadium concert. Their worldwide album sales records in Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore remain unbroken.

In 2005, Bob and Clint signed with SonyBMG Thailand, and their best-selling album, "The Meaning of Happy," was released in the Asian market for international artists in 2006. In 2010, the brothers signed with Wrensong/Reynsong Publishing after travelling to Nashville to concentrate on songs.

The Moffatt brothers have recently released songs such as "Goodbye Baby," as well as EPs such as "Happy 'N High" and "One More Minute." They continue to write and perform their own music, as well as write for other artists. They had three songs on Canadian singer Jimmy Rankin's CD and two songs on ABC's primetime show Nashville.

Aside from music, the band has launched a new project called "Music Travel Love," in which they travel the world in search of the most beautiful sights while performing nostalgic cover songs and their own original music. Their music is available on all major platforms for purchase and streaming, and their videos have gone viral on social media and YouTube.

Don't miss Ankush Bharti's exclusive conversation with the Moffatt brothers to discover more about their musical career, recent work, and future plans. The upcoming issue of The Holistic Pine journal is a must-read for all music fans and lovers who want to be inspired by the Moffatt brothers' musical journey. So look for our May edition and expect to be taken away by the Moffatt brothers' enchanting music.