Bibim Guksu (Korean Cold Noodle Salad)


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Part 6

Bibim Guksu (Korean Cold Noodle Salad):

A flavorful and refreshing cold noodle salad is called bibim guksu. Korean chili dressing, which is hot, sweet, and acidic, is used to season it. It is both delicious and addicting. You can receive a lot of crunchy texture because it is packed with salads and vegetables. Additionally, it doesn't require any difficult cooking or preparation, which is a major plus on hot summer days.

Similar to bibimbap, which is mixed rice, bibim guksu indicates mixed noodles. You can ultimately choose your own toppings, but this bibim guksu is cooked with a tonne of vegetables. Even though it appears heavy when served, it is actually quite light and filling. Its main flavour comes from the sauce, which has a mildly smoky, sweet, and tangy flavor. The sesame oil's nutty aroma is also a great addition.

 In Korea, bibim guksu is a favourite summer dish because it may revive your hunger on sleepy, hot, and muggy summer days. The toppings can be changed anyway you like, for example by adding some cooked eggs or radish pickles.

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