The Cord by Sredhanea Ramkrishnan: A Book Review



"The Cord," Sredhanea Ramkrishnan's debut novel, is a riveting work of historical fiction that delves deep into the heartbreaking narratives of those whose lives were irrevocably transformed by the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, as well as the Bangladesh War of 1971. Sredhanea Ramkrishnan's writing is genuine, with each syllable pouring with painstaking research and attention to detail.

The author offers a realistic picture of soldiers and their loved ones whose fates are inexorably interwoven by the tumultuous events of war and displacement through the deep and nuanced characters she has created. Sredhanea digs into issues of guilt, betrayal, loyalty, and love through the use of letters and raw emotion, resulting in a dramatic analysis of the human condition.

The use of vivid and evocative metaphors, such as the umbilical cord, adds a layer of depth to the story, amplifying its effect. The plot's pacing is brilliant, holding readers' attention from beginning to end.

Every turn of phrase reveals Sredhanea Ramkrishnan's tremendous literary talent, as she captures the essence of the era and creates a complex and thought-provoking novel. "The Cord" is an awe-inspiring debut novel that solidifies Sredhanea Ramkrishnan's place as a rising literary great. Her talent to develop stories that connect with readers is impressive, and we should expect big things from her in the future. "The Cord" is a definite must-read for historical fiction readers looking for an amazing reading experience.

The Holistic Pine Ranking:
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars