The Mellifluous Whisper: The Poetic Journey of Piyali Mitra

Piyali Mitra, a bioethical research scholar by day and a writer by night, has captured the hearts of readers with her poetic anthology, "Of the heart and soul: a mellifluous whisper." Her passion for writing has been with her since childhood, where she would pen her thoughts and special events in a notebook. Writing was her gateway to convey her deepest emotions and desires, especially when she found herself at a tight corner to share her feelings.

From writing for wall magazines and little magazines as a teenager, to contributing to literary journals of both national and international repute as an adult, Mitra's journey as an author has been an enriching one. However, it's her solo book that has given her the confidence to consider creative writing in a more serious sense of the term. Each poem in her anthology is a pearl strung together to create a necklace of love and pristine beauty.

Mitra's imagination is a gift that has helped her see the world in a unique way. As a little girl, she fancied growing up to write poems for the trees, leaves, and birds. She believed that trees spoke through the fluttering of their leaves, and rivers spoke through their gurgling. Her writings have not only helped her communicate her understanding of things that disturbed her or racked her thoroughly but have also provided her with the words to interact.

As a Ph.D. scholar, writing has been a regular habit for Mitra. However, it's the things we are passionate about that are our calling. Her love for writing has led her to where she is today, an accomplished author whose work speaks to the heart and soul.

Mitra's poetic journey started when she was in class 7, where her first published poem in a children's magazine gave her the validation she needed to continue writing. Her work has since then graced the pages of prestigious literary journals, and her book has left a lasting impression on readers worldwide.

Writing for Mitra is like breathing oxygen in and out. It's liberating and has helped her find her voice in a world where expression can be difficult. Her book "Of the heart and soul: a mellifluous whisper" is a testament to her talent and passion for writing.