Cauliflower Alfredo


Healthy Words_ Series

Part 4

Cauliflower Alfredo:

The creamy, delectable, and seemingly healthy pasta dish is this cauliflower alfredo. We use olive oil, pureed cauliflower, and a generous sprinkle of nutritional yeast in place of butter, heavy cream, or a tonne of cheese. Indeed, the cooked and puréed cauliflower gives this alfredo sauce its smoothness, making it entirely vegan.

The cruciferous vegetable has gained popularity recently due to its almost flawless ability to mimic conventionally carb-heavy meals that rely on potatoes, rice, or noodles (or in this case, heavy cream and butter). When it comes to flavour, texture, and nutritional value, cauliflower is unsurpassed by its floret family buddies, whether it's creamy cauliflower "popcorn" or zesty cauliflower "steaks".

Cauliflower is a rich source of vitamin K, which strengthens bones, and is also a natural source of fibre and a number of other important minerals. Additionally, it has a low calorie count, which means more room for cheese. It's a fantastic choice if you're vegan, lactose intolerant, or just curious about the popular fall vegetable.

The fact that this recipe is so simple to prepare is its best feature. To make cauliflower really soft and tender, simply boil it with some garlic and onion. Then, mix it until it is as creamy as the sauce you would find at your favourite Italian restaurant by adding some salt and a generous amount of nutritional yeast (also known as vegan "cheese").

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