A Delightful Harmony of Spirit by Nusrat Jabeen: A Review


A Delightful Harmony of Spirit is a collection of poems written by Nusrat Jabeen. The volume consists of thirty poems that speak directly to the soul of the reader. Every poem is a peak into the human experience. The metaphysical and the materialistic realm equally enchant the writer and the poems reflect equally vibrantly the many nuances of human existence. 

Nusrat Jabeen is a professional with over three years of industry experience who is an author, poet, and entrepreneur. She is currently residing in Delhi and works for a magazine publication. Her writing has appeared in magazines such as Notion Press, SGSH, Euphoria & Sapphire, and the S7 National Poetry Contest. She is a TEFL and TESOL certified trainer with a long list of professional credentials and achievements. She has garnered numerous literary accolades.  A Delightful Harmony of Spirit: An Agreement with the Soul is her second poetry book, in addition to her first. Her skill set goes beyond teaching; with such a wide experience, she can engage individuals from many walks of life.

The title of the book, A Delightful Harmony of Spirit itself is a reflection of the book's theme and serves as a precursor to the author's exploration of the art of writing and the power of happy memories. Voltaire's famous quote that "poetry is the melody of the soul, and above all, of great and feeling souls," is perfectly fitting for this book.

The author skillfully weaves together her personal experiences and emotions, trauma and fearlessness, and a variety of unconventional thoughts with trusting expression. The result is a collection of topics that pique the reader's interest and instil a sense of zeal and sensation. The book's subtitle serves as a mirror of the author's life, adding a deeper layer of meaning to the already rich and multifaceted content.

Despite the book's focus on unconventional thoughts and expression, it manages to engage the reader on a variety of levels. It is a delightful and thought-provoking read that leaves a lasting impression. Overall, "A Delightful Harmony of Spirit" is a must-read for anyone looking to explore the intricate interplay between the intellect and the senses, and how they contribute to our understanding of beauty and the world around us.

Nusrat Jabeen

Humour, sarcasm, and a perpetual awe when witnessing the Divine, are visible in her poetry. In “Boom of Prayer”, the poet writes, “You rule on the whole universe.” The collection is published by Notion Press. It is priced at Rupees 149, which seems to be a just price. The binding is soft paperback, glossy. The cover design is average and the typography is also not up to the mark. The publisher has also excluded the content page, which makes it a bit difficult for the readers to search for the particular poems in the collection. However, since it is a 92 page book, this does not pose a serious problem. 

With her pleasant rendering and imaginative verse, Jabeen marks a space for herself in the landscape of Indian English poetry. She is a writer who was selected by The Holistic Pine as “Top Five Indian English Writers who Inspire in 2023” and “Notable Four Writers You should Look forward to”. 

The Holistic Pine Ranking:
⭐⭐⭐ 3/5 Stars