Sredhanea Ramkrishnan: A Food Technologist Turned Award-Winning Author


Sredhanea Ramkrishnan, a food technologist by profession and an aspiring author by passion, has made waves in the literary world with her debut novel "The Cord." This historical fiction novel has won multiple awards, including the Best Aspiring Author Award from the Cherry Book Awards and the Rising Author of the Year Award from Priya's Wisdom Publications.

Ramkrishnan's novel takes a different spin on the subject of the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947, tracing the story through the Bangladesh War of 1971. The plot is complex, with authentic characters and timelines that delve into the personal conflicts faced by soldiers during wartime. Through letters and emotions, Ramkrishnan explores the themes of guilt, betrayal, loyalty, and love in a unique and compelling way.

Her extensive research and use of metaphors, such as the umbilical cord, elevate the story, making it both action-packed and emotionally charged. The book not only captures the lives of common people during the Partition but also highlights the moral conundrum of how religions continue to be prioritised over love and emotion in our nation.

Ramkrishnan's writing has been praised for its authenticity, fast-paced plot, and exploration of human emotions. Her talent has been recognized through multiple awards, including the Young Author of the Year Award by CLA Global Awards and the Emerging Author of the Year-Fiction Award from Ukiyoto Publishing.

Aside from writing, Ramkrishnan is a co-host for LOL (Love Of Literature), a podcast for aspiring authors, and an avid fiction reader and reviewer. Her passion for literature shines through in her writing and in her work with other aspiring authors.

Sredhanea Ramkrishnan is a rising literary star who uses her talent and passion to explore complex issues and tell stories that connect with people. Her debut work, "The Cord," established her as an award-winning novelist to watch in the coming years.