Priyanka Bhandarkar: Everything is Possible!


Priyanka Bhandarkar is an Author and Poet who has just started her career but is kindling fire with passion and determination in her heart finding a way towards independence and to pave the path of her journey FAR FROM THE MADDING CROWD without seeking justice,equality 

and punishment.You may wonder from these lines on whom She considers herself to be to?“A POET” and that is what her profession requires of her to be ‘a flamingo in a flock of pigeons’. 

“Dream,Dream,Dream for dreams to come true…” 

She was born on 24/12/1985.She has completed her post graduation in English Literature from the Karnataka State Open University.She also has a Diploma in Creative Writing in English from the prestigious Indira Gandhi National Open University.She holds a Certificate in Food and Nutrition from the same.AND THIS HER STORY.After completing her pre-university from the Karnataka Board she was in a dilemma on joining a good educational institution for pursuing

B.A MS in Communication but fate had decided something else but not entirely out of the league but something very ordinary.Her father was not at all happy with her for passing the examination with First Class and had refused to pay the huge amount of money which was so needed to join the course just maybe because it did not matter to him at all.Whatever may be the reason she now is the most satisfied women in the world who has learnt from scratch to be ‘the god of tall things’.She has dared to follow her Dreams and is a CO-AUTHOR of over 150+ Anthologies.Her poem Lend Me Your Ears was published in the anthology ‘BLOOMS’ which is under the Hopkins Literary Association. 


After the pandemic her motives have become stronger and her goals higher.During the pandemic her life had become so distraught that she was not able to stand properly nor walk without support.Schizophrenia is a disease considered as a severe mental illness wherein a person confuses the real from the unreal.According to medical ethics a person suffering from schizophrenia has delusions,hallucinations and disorganized thinking.Currently there is no cure for schizophrenia. 


Simple things like trophies,medals and certificates have done the work which medicine could not and her Instagram Page is proof of this miracle. She has collected over 300 certificates in excellence, recognition, appreciation, achievement, publication and participation in a short span of a year. She has been conferred upon DR.A.P.J ABDUL KALAM AWARD—a National Level Award by Priya's Wisdom publication.Her other awards include THE LOST PEARL OYSTER AWARD(ubharta hua Sitara) and THE LEADING ATTAINERS AWARD 2022 by Jec Publication. 


Her first success has come from the additional page of THE NEW INDIAN EXPRESS or the EXPRESS VIBES where the article titled WILL POWER rewarded as thought provoking was published on the front page in the year 2003 and what more the whole paper carried five of her write ups in the form of story,poems and article. 


Now, the proud author of Seven Solo Books which are a collection of poetry available at Amazon with lifetime distribution over 160 countries.Titles like SUNSHINE AND RAIN,A CUP OF SUSHI and TADPOLES IN A JAR restore our faith in this world of the much needed change in the society. The idea of metamorphosis given in those books clearly depicts her talent.While books like HEADS OR TAILS,THE DAFFODILS,A FLOCK OF PIGEONS question us to reclaim our life once more! The book WITH LOVE FROM PINKY spunks a unique title and is her way to thank her parents for being with her throughout this journey. In her Journey where EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! 



Instagram: @poet_and_poems