Crispy Oven Baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites:

 Healthy Words_ Series

Part 9

Crispy Oven Baked Honey Garlic Tofu Bites:

Tofu nuggets that have been roasted till exceptionally crisp and golden and covered in a savoury and sweet honey garlic sauce. For vegetarians, all-time favourite protein is tofu. Multiple packages of it can be kept in the fridge and are healthy, quick, and convenient. You can have these honey garlic tofu bites when you want a sweet, salty, garlicky, crunchy snack as it easy, quick, and really fulfilling. On top of that, on can combine them with some fluffy rice or whole grains, greens, and a honey garlic tofu bowl.

Using firm tofu for tofu bites because it has a lovely, agreeable texture and is solid enough to hold its shape. You can also use medium, however silky or soft are better avoided because they are very delicate. Additionally, you can easily replace the honey in this recipe with maple syrup to create a honey maple tofu if you want to make it vegan.

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