The Gymnast by Sanjay Chandra: A Heartwarming Tale of Perseverance and Triumph Against Adversity

 Book Title: The Gymnast

Author: Sanjay Chandra

Publisher: Rati Publishes, an imprint of Garuda Books

Publication Year: 2022

The literary work, The Gymnast, authored by Sanjay Chandra, is a heartwarming and uplifting chronicle of a young girl's expedition to actualize her aspirations in the face of daunting adversities. The story follows the life of Roshni, a street entertainer who craves to become an Olympic gymnast, as she navigates through poverty, deficiency of resources, and societal expectations. 

Sanjay Chandra is a storyteller born in 1959. He has written blogs, poems, and short stories, and hopes to publish them someday. He is also a traveller, book lover, and amateur photographer. He also conducts talks and workshops to inculcate reading and writing as a habit.

Chandra's penmanship is seamless and natural, thus making the book a facile and expeditious read. His narration is captivating, and the characters are well delineated, thereby fostering reader connection with them. The author adopts a distinctive storytelling approach where he interweaves flashbacks and present events, elucidating the characters' backstories and motivations. The brevity of the chapters is another striking feature of the book, and it aptly complements the tempo of the novel.

The tale is situated in Delhi, where Roshni, her family, Budh, Chhaya, Pradeep, and Deepa relocate from their hometown, Bihar, in quest of a better life. They resort to street performances due to their destitute conditions and attract the attention of a wealthy elderly couple, Sanjeev and Neeta, who decide to render them assistance. The Gymnast is not just Roshni's story, but that of her family and their struggles. The author paints a realistic portrait of the challenges encountered by underprivileged individuals in India and how hard work, perseverance, and the support of loved ones can help surmount these challenges. Despite the predictability of the plot, the author maintains reader engagement through his writing style and the emotional depth of the characters.

The depiction of gymnastics events is one of the book's highpoints. Chandra's descriptions of Roshni's routines are vividly and eloquently written, allowing readers to visualise the scenes and experience the tension and excitement of the competitions. The book also sheds light on the gruelling training and unyielding dedication required to become an Olympic gymnast. The Gymnast is an inspiring and uplifting novel that showcases the power of hard work and determination. The book is a testament to the human spirit and its ability to overcome adversity. Chandra's narrative skills and engaging characters make this book a must-read for anyone seeking a heartwarming tale of triumph against all odds.

The publisher's presentation of the book is impeccable, and the cover design is a testament to the book's nature. The matte finish on the cover speaks volumes about the story's tone, while also piquing the reader's interest to explore the pages further. The typesetting is appropriate for the book, and it feels good when held in one's hands. The Holistic Pine received a print copy for review, and this experience is worth mentioning. Ebook readers may miss out on the overall feel of the book, which is quite an experience.

The Holistic Pine Ranking:
⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5 Stars