Vegetable Paella


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Part 3

Traditional Spanish paella is the source of inspiration for vegetable paella, which omits the meat and fish in favour of more vegetables. In order to ensure that there is no lack of flavour, one can include peppers, red chile, tomato, and green beans in addition to a huge amount of herbs and spices. And if you've never had paella, try this colourful Spanish rice dish, which was first made in Valencia on the country's eastern coast.

Traditional paella always includes a lot of perfectly cooked rice and is frequently stuffed with seafood, chicken, or meats like spicy chorizo. Even better, it can be prepared and served in a single pot, making it the perfect choice for a weekday meal. For Meatless Mondays or any day of the week that you feel like adding a few more greens, this vegetarian version is ideal. Additionally, this dish is dairy-free and vegan, so it is suitable for a range of diets. Before serving, add a rinsed can of chickpeas for an extra protein boost. In essence, try this wonderful, simple rice meal.

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