Unveiling the Literary Journey of Vikas Prakash Joshi: From a Teenage Columnist to an Award-Winning Author


Vikas Prakash Joshi's journey as a writer began at the tender age of 13, where he contributed to school newsletters and won prizes in essay competitions. His passion for writing and journalism led him to pursue a postgraduate diploma in journalism from the prestigious Asian College of Journalism in Chennai, where he received the Madanjeet Singh South Asia Foundation Scholarship.

Today, he is a writer, editor, translator, public speaker, and freelance journalist based in Pune. He has been published in many of India's leading English publications and has won eight public speaking awards. His hobbies include public speaking, cooking, and traveling, which often inspire his writing.

Vikas Prakash Joshi with his mother

Joshi's first children's book, My Name is Cinnamon, published by Hay House India, has received critical acclaim from readers and literary critics alike. The book has already won two national-level awards: the A3 Foundation Literary Award and the Asian Literary Society Award for Best Debut Fiction. My Name is Cinnamon has been translated into many languages, both Indian and foreign, and is making waves across India and the world.

What sets Joshi's writing apart is his ability to blend light-hearted and heart-warming stories with difficult themes that are rarely explored in children's and young adult literature. My Name is Cinnamon is a deeply moving testament to the unceasing desire to know oneself, the unrelenting pull of familial bonds, and the power of hope, sacrifice, and love.

Joshi's literary talent extends beyond his first book. He has also been published in two anthologies and played a major role in bringing out a prestigious coffee table book for a leading Indian non-profit organization. Besides writing, he holds an Advanced Communicator Silver (ACS) in public speaking from Toastmasters International and has modelled for a Jaipur-based clothing store and a leading fashion photographer.

All in all, Joshi's journey from a small boy's childhood dream of being a writer to an award-winning published author with an international publishing house is an inspiration to many aspiring writers. With his perceptive observations, vivid descriptions, and authentic voice, Joshi weaves immersive plots with fully realized environments and characters that are sure to stay with readers for a long time.

Vikas Prakash Joshi's literary journey is far from over, and readers eagerly await his next books. As he continues to write and explore new horizons, he remains grounded in his passion for storytelling and his commitment to making a difference through his words.