Pankaj Giri, Vipin V Kamble, Nusrat Jabeen, and Anindita Rath: Notable Four Writers You should Look forward to


The Holistic Pine has conducted a social media investigation and came up with a list of five Indian English writers who inspire. However, in a deeper search, we realised that four authors are making it big in 2023. With their literary quality, productivity, and social media interaction, these four authors win over our hearts and minds. These four authors deserve a special mention. 

Pankaj Giri

Born and brought up in Gangtok, Sikkim, Mr Giri began his writing career with a blog to review books, and after several years of honing his writing skills, he wrote his debut novel The Fragile Thread of Hope. 

The novel is climbing charts, attesting not only its popular interest but also critical acclaim. Sold almost five thousand copies, his work is winning acclaim. 

Vipin V Kamble

A writer for more than twenty years, Mrs Kamble embraces a life of words with grace with her poetry. Her anthologies are always much talked about, especially the recent one which was compiled by the phenomenal author Anu Lal, titled The Equations of Love


Nusrat Jabeen

With her debut poetry collection, A Delightful Harmony of Spirit: An Agreement with the Soul Ms Jabeen reigned the hearts of poetry lovers. She writes on a variety of topics and her innocent and soft approach often invokes the gentleness of a sweet breeze when she writes her poems. 

Anindita Rath

An IT professional, she was an ardent follower of the written word and the rhythms of poetry. Her works include a plethora of poetry collections such as Love Notes to Myself, Patience, प्रियाज काव्य संग्रह , and Deepawali. She is a bilingual writer and writes in HIndi and English. Apparently, her interest in writing has helped her to have a uique perspective on everything in life. 

 Special Correspondent

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