SS Rajamouli on Dasara

SS Rajamouli, the creator of films like Bahubali and RRR, is often portrayed as a down-to-earth, humble and ordinary human being. Whenever you meet him, he is indeed, down-to-earth, humble and gentle. He has a shine in his eyes when he speaks about his works. It’s all true. However, he is not an ordinary human being. Whatever he does, takes off into the realm of hyperbolic proportions. For example, today (4 April 2023) he made a tweet, an “ordinary-looking, simple” tweet. SS Rajamouli’s tweet on the fourth of April has created such a storm on Twitter that it has become a testimony to the director’s influence among the audience. He tweeted:

"DASARA" is a romantic drama that portrays the story of two people from diverse backgrounds who fall in love despite challenging circumstances. Directed by Srikanth Odela, the film has been receiving positive reviews from both critics and audiences, thereby making it a potential blockbuster success. Rajamouli’s interest in the film seems to be evident from his Tweet. And he has lauded the performance of the actors and the director, the film's exceptional storyline, remarkable cinematography, and outstanding performances by the lead cast, Nani and Keerthy Suresh. The Tweet has received 2.7 Million views, 38.3 likes, 130 bookmarks, 4,604 tweets, and 351 responses on Twitter itself. The responses to his tweet show fans divided on the matter of SS Rajamouli, the master craftsman himself, appreciating a film that is not made by himself. One of the comments is the following: Another has said: Trolls and memes abound on the comment of “cakewalk” made by Rajamouli on the performance by Keerthi Suresh. One of them even said this: And some others, just like the writer of this piece, have no idea why everyone is using actor Allu Arjun’s meme while talking about the cakewalk!

Keerthi Suresh in a dance scene


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